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For Your Eyes Only

Aka: 007: For Your Eyes Only
Sólo para sus ojos
Rien que pour vos yeux
Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller
Released: 1981
Run time: 127 min.
Views: 9,241
6.7/10 from 3 users.
PG (?)

James Bond is on another mission and he is to get down to the bottom of who sank a secret spy ship, who is the mastermind behind the sinking and what is the main reason as to why the ship was sank.

Written by: sazzles
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Director: John Glen
Starring: Roger MooreJack HedleyJohn WymanMichael GothardJill BennettCassandra HarrisJulian GloverLynn-Holly JohnsonTopolCarole Bouquet
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(1 year ago)

James Bond is on another mission and he is to get down to the bottom of who sank a secret spy ship, who is the mastermind behind the sinking and what is the main reason as to why the ship was sank.

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Right now from the 80's Bonds this is my top favorite the action sequences were spectacular and we can see how the bond movies transformed from the 60's up to the 80's it presents us with a spectacular new era of movies and even now Quantom of Solace the 22nd James Bond movie brings us the change of eras from to 60's to 2008 it's wonderful to see how Bond lived lives and forever will live on


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A gritty introduction to the nineteen eighties. Bond successfully comes back from the rather poor Moonraker but not as strongly as Bond fans were hoping.


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it is a good film from the james bond franchise not the strongest but it is still worth the watch i have lost count how many times i have watched this film over the years


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This was a decent Bond flick. Gorgeous scenery!!


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