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Enter the Void (2010) user reviews

Enter the Void movie

User Reviews (4)

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Certainly not for everyone. However, it does offer a different perspective to a movie that most have probably not seen. Very tense in some parts, very boring sometimes else, but everything is purposeful so pay attention.

I suggest you give it a go. If you don't like it in the first 15 mins (you have at least 15 mins to give right?!?), then you probably won't enjoy the medium the movie is delivered in.

NOTE: I can't watch this movie sober. A nice creative sativa compliments this movie well.


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Enjoyable film but it loses points for extreme amount of flashes and sex.


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very long and boring and hated the camera use


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a film bound to have polarizing reactions and I find myself in agree with both the positive and negative and in between criticisms of this film. Certainly not for the faint hearted, certainly an arthouse/indie/alternative kind of film that thinks outside the box, I myself didn't like this film personally, as I felt it was too slow and boring at times but I knew I had to pay attention to every detail, and the film did lose me towards the end with the excessive amount of sex and the final flashback but yeah this is a film where "warning!" it really is an enter at your own risk film and I do suggest a can or two of redbull or whatever energy drink or caffeine of your choice because this is a LOOOOOOOONG movie and its one thing to be a long movie its another when the pace of a movie is deliberately slow and purposefully trippy. It was suggested by a friend and one of the reviewers below me to not watch this movie sober, but that's not the issue, don't watch this movie if your tired or doze off easily, have some energy drinks within your system hehe! anywho 3 or 4 out of 10 for movie, this is not a film made for everyone so again you've been warned.



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