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Cyborg 2

Aka: Glass Shadow
Cyborg 2 - Üvegárnyék
Cyborg 2 - Perfección humana
Genre: Action / Sci-Fi
Released: 1993
Run time: 99 min.
Views: 6,269
5.4/10 from 8 users.
16 (?)

In the year 2074 the PinWheel corporation creates a 'almost-human' cyborg Casella Reese, aka. Cash designed specifically to charm/seduce her way into a rival manufacturer's headquarters and then self-detonate. Things go awry, when she starts to have feelings for a human Colson Ricks, aka. Colt 45 who works for PinWheel as a martial arts instructor. He falls for Cash as well, and with the help of Mercy, they escape. PinWheel Corp. sends Danny Bench, a 'Cyborg Tracker' after both Colt and Cash. Violence ensues.

Director: Michael Schroeder
Starring: Elias KoteasTracey WalterSven-Ole ThorsenRenee AllmanRic YoungAllen GarfieldKaren SheperdBilly DragoJack PalanceAngelina Jolie
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top expert
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not bad. I like Angelina Jolie she is good in this movie as always.


top expert
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back When Angelina Jolie was Crazy hot! very good movie :) underrated as hell


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Pretty good movie. Naturally I averted my eyes during the love scene. Just in time. Jolie did a good job. If jack palance was a cyborg why did he look like a 100?


senior master
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Cyborg 1 with Van Damme was good and has a cult following, unfortunately Cyborg 2 is nowhere near as good.
Angelina Jolie, aged 17, appears in her first mainline movie as a fighting robot. Apparently she did a lot of her own stunts at that time, and the love scene is nice. After her success later she probably prefers to forget this one.
The plot was rambling and disjointed, and the general standard of acting and effects was pretty average.
Worth a mention is Billy Drago as the baddie Bench, he is so good at that type of role. He appeared in many TV series such as the demon in Charmed, and I think he would have made a good Joker.
Unfortunately it was meh. 5/10.


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a seriously under-rated movie 10/10


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