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Van Der Valk
Love in Amsterdam
Season 1  |  Episode 1

Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Released: 2020
Air date: 2020-01-01
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Storyline: A body of a student is found in the port of Amsterdam. Van der Valk and his team are tasked to solve this case, but are somewhat distracted by the arrival of a new employee, the internet expert Job Cloovers. A second body is found later and the question pops up whether they are connected to each other or not. The investigation leads them to the Amsterdam art world and to the municipal politics.
Starring: Marc WarrenMaimie McCoyLuke Allen-GaleElliot Barnes-WorrellDarrell D'SilvaEmma FieldingMike LibanonPeter van HeeringenFrieda Barnhard
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I discovered this show on PBS, not knowing there was an original series, years ago. I know nothing of it, but I'm sure hooked on this version. Another keeper for me.



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