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His Dark Materials (2019)

Two children embark on a magical adventure through parallel universes.

Views: 53,889 • Followers: 240Reviews: 14
Season:2 Episode:7 (1 year ago)

The Unicorn (2019)

A widower is eager to move on from the most difficult year of his life, only to realize he's utterly unprepared to raise his two daughters on his own and equall...

Views: 18,001 • Followers: 46Reviews: 3
Season:2 Episode:13 (1 year ago)

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)

Returns to the world of Thra, where three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis' power, and set out to ignite the fires of rebellion and sa...

Views: 17,458 • Followers: 69Reviews: 26
Season:1 Episode:10 (3 years ago)

Infinity Train (2019)

13-year-old Tulip finds herself on a mysterious train with an endless number of cars, each one its own universe, and must find a way to get home.

Views: 7,530 • Followers: 15Reviews: 5
Season:4 Episode:10 (1 year ago)

Amphibia (2019)

Ordinary Anne Boonchuy, 13, finds a treasure chest that sends her to Amphibia, a world full of frogs, toads, and giant insects. With help from Sprig, she must a...

Views: 7,380 • Followers: 7Reviews: 3
Season:3 Episode:31 (4 months ago)

When Hope Calls (2019)

Spinoff series of 'When Calls the Heart' centering on the lives of orphan siblings Lillian and Grace, who grow up apart but reunite later in adulthood in the ea...

Views: 6,614 • Followers: 59Reviews: 0
Season:2 Episode:2 (9 months ago)

Sydney to the Max (2019)

Set in the present day with flashbacks to the 1990s, the comedy revolves around outgoing middle school Sydney Reynolds who lives with her single dad Max and wit...

Views: 4,980 • Followers: 11Reviews: 0
Season:3 Episode:21 (10 months ago)

Carmen Sandiego (2019)

The series follows the adventures of Carmen Sandiego, a globe-hopping master thief.

Views: 4,375 • Followers: 10Reviews: 1
Season:4 Episode:8 (1 year ago)

The World's Best (2019)

The World's Best, which had been in the works for awhile, is described as a first-of-its-kind global talent competition that features acts from every genre ...

Views: 4,079 • Followers: 16Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:7 (3 years ago)

Northern Rescue (2019)

The family drama 'Northern Rescue', stars William Baldwin and Kathleen Robertson. After the death of his wife, Sarah, John West (Baldwin), packs up his three ch...

Views: 3,678 • Followers: 33Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:10 (3 years ago)

Island of Bryan (2019)

The Baeumler family relocates to the Bahamas with the hope of renovating and opening a beachfront resort.

Views: 3,344 • Followers: 20Reviews: 0
Season:4 Episode:9 (20 hours ago)

Gabby Duran & The Unsittables (2019)

Gabby Duran constantly feels like she's living in the shadows of her polished, successful mother and whip-smart younger sister. She finally finds her moment to ...

Views: 3,264 • Followers: 12Reviews: 2
Season:2 Episode:20 (10 months ago)

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? (2019)

Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang solve more mysteries while also accompanied by many celebrities.

Views: 3,067 • Followers: 10Reviews: 0
Season:4 Episode:1 (1 year ago)

No Good Nick (2019)

A family finds their lives turned upside down when a young, street-smart grifter shows up on their doorstep, claiming to be a distant relative.

Views: 3,042 • Followers: 12Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:20 (11 months ago)

The Unlisted (2019)

Twelve-year-old identical twins Dru and Kal discover that the government is secretly tracking and manipulating Australia's youth via electronic tracking devices...

Views: 2,198 • Followers: 17Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:6 (2 years ago)

Looney Tunes Cartoons (2019)

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and all of the other Looney Tunes go on a bunch of misadventures in a giant series of 8-minute episodes.

Views: 1,879 • Followers: 14Reviews: 0
Season:5 Episode:2 (4 days ago)

Just Roll With It (2019)

Despite their differences, the Bennett-Blatt clan, and the actors who play them, know how to take whatever life - and the studio audience - throws at them - and...

Views: 1,724 • Followers: 6Reviews: 0
Season:2 Episode:21 (1 year ago)

Moominvalley (2019)

A 2019 adaptation of Tove Jansson's loved body of work around the Moomin family.

Views: 1,686 • Followers: 4Reviews: 0
Season:2 Episode:13 (1 year ago)

DC Super Hero Girls (2019)

Teenage versions of DC Comics superheroines both attend high school and fight crime to protect the citizens of Metropolis.

Views: 1,580 • Followers: 3Reviews: 0
Season:2 Episode:20 (9 months ago)

Forky Asks a Question (2019)

Forky asks important questions about how the world works, such as: what is love? What is time? And of course, the deepest question of all: what is cheese?

Views: 1,219 • Followers: 4Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:10 (2 years ago)



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