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Warehouse 13

Genre: Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Released: 2009 - 2014
Views: 65,406
22 users

“Warehouse 13”, science fiction fantasy television series, tells the story of thrilling working days at the secret stocks of supernatural artifacts. The Secret Service of America have been collecting these extraordinary things for as long as several centuries. Sometimes the special objects disappear or the new ones appear. The task of Special Agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) is to find the lost items and to trace the incoming ones. Actually there are several warehouses located in different countries. Among the countries possessing them there are Egypt... Read more 

Starring: Eddie McClintockJoanne KellySaul RubinekGenelle WilliamsAllison ScagliottiCCH Pounder
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This is a classic T.V. show one of my favorites to binge watch


top expert
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Clada took control of warehouse and cc pounder went to ncis new oleans good show


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Joanne Kelly can carry this show by herslf. Or could have. She's a knockout. This was a really good, entertaing show. There's always been rumors that the United States has a warehouse where they put all of the stuff that they don't want us to see, or find out about, or stuff that is just too dangerous to be unattended. I believe that might be true. For hundreds of years, the Jews carrried around The "Ark of the Covanent" which was reported to have amazing quailties. Vanquishing whole nations. Maybe even leveling mountains. That would make a nice gift for some lunatic...right? But the seies was full of adventure, and humor, and great actors. It could have, SHOULD have run a few more years. But the brain trust of Dowecheatemandhow, decided to cancel it. They tried to replace it with something similar..."The LIbrarians"...Not bad, but no cigar. IDIOTS. 10/10


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I loved this show too. sadly it has ended. I think it is unique because it has history connected to artifacts that were made because of cause and effect.

also warehouse 13 is also connected to Eureka and Alphas.


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sooo miss this show smiley shame it ended.


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