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Ted Lasso

Genre: Comedy
Released: 2020
Views: 6,533
Not available
33 users

Follows US American Football coach Ted Lasso heading to the UK to manage a struggling London soccer team in the top flight of English football.

Starring: Jason SudeikisBronson WebbHannah WaddinghamAdam ColborneJuno TempleJade MitchellBradley Wj MillerBrendan HuntBrett GoldsteinPhil DunsterColin BlythStephen ManasMoe Jeudy-Lamour
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senior guru
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How on earth could i have missed that! incredibly funny, incredibly British and i am in love with Hannah Waddingham..she is AWESOME!
Often bizarre, never too aggressive somehow nihilistic and warm same time.
great series!


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Absolutely Brilliant!!!! And this coming from someone who hates soccer. The series starts in a quirky manner. Giving you enough weirdness to separate it from the competition. Slowly, the unconventional yet pleasant approach turns into a wonderful mix of American and British humor, with several laugh out loud moments. Its flow is so well thought off and executed that the very same persons you found obnoxious in the beginning, end up being the persons you root for. A must see !!!


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I don't get it but I'm not into sports shows I do like the lead actress she's got a lot going on under the surface which I think clashes well with Ted's genuine nature


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Didn't expect to like it much, but was pleasantly surprised!
It's a fun story with a lot of heart. Very wholesome 'lil show.
The differences between English and American culture make for great entertainment.
Hope there will be another season or additional episodes.
Looking forward to see more of Ted Lasso.


top expert
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omg this is such a funny funny show
theres no cynicism in their humor.
a heartwarming hopeful story
Sudekis is super funny. He developed his little skit to atv show with the great Bill Lawrence from Scrubs.
if you love Scrubs, you will love this.
If you love this, check out also Sudekis’ mini skit of Ted Lasso for NBC He did 7 years ago.


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