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Genre: Thriller
Released: 2021
Views: 2,043
6.3/10 from 2 users.
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24 users

Detectives look to untangle the case of the Ragdoll Killer, who has killed six people and sewn their bodies into the shape of one grotesque body nicknamed the Ragdoll.

Starring: Lucy HaleEric Raymond LimCannon HayLuke LynchPhil AizlewoodTim McDonnellRene CostaThalissa TeixeiraHenry Lloyd-HughesDouggie McMeekinPerry JaquesLee ByfordAli CookEric Lim
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I loved the start of this series! This is the start of a really great serial killer show. This doesn't seem like your average serial killer either. He's extremely smart and mythological and very twisted. I liked all the characters except the younger girl cop. I will review more after seeing more.


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@Teeny💋 Hey Teeny, I liked this first episode too, it looks really promising, hope it continues.


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RAGDOLL – AMC dumpster fire?

Nov 2021

From the network that brought us Killing Eve = we have RAGDOLL – a series about a gruesome serial murderer who cuts up bodies and sews them back together as a montage.

Similar to the Killing Eve storyline where MI6 hires an unqualified American in London, we were able to overlook that insane premise due to the character dynamics.. No such luck with Ragdoll – a show that’s been hyped to promote teen idol Lucy Hale as a gay American college graduate that’s been hired by Scotland Yard with her first assignment being attached to the homicide squad in London.. huh? (In the land of make-believe this can happen)

Lucy Hale plays the role of Constable Lake Edmunds, an obnoxious snarky activist that lectures her fellow officers on the evils of the Patriarchy… Everyone she works with despises her. But alas! Wouldn’t you know it? Most of the men on the force are broken beta males – including her co-stars. The most senior officer is a woman of color and in control. This show is centered and marketed around Lucy Hale – for cross-over marketing purposes. Time will tell if this gimmick works.
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