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The Ritual

Genre: Horror
Released: 2017
Run time: 94 min.
Views: 7,480
16 (?)

What was supposed to be an hiking adventure among four friends turns quickly into a nightmare of rapidly growing fear. For one and for all, the woods come alive in a surreal deathly way. Only the physically and mentally strong will survive, or is there something horrendous on their path that has never been seen by anyone, who survived that is. A solid 5.5/10 on the scary scale.

Written by: ♡SKY♡
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Director: David Bruckner
Starring: Rafe SpallPeter LiddellHilary ReevesMaria ErwolterJacob James BeswickMatthew NeedhamPaul ReidSam TroughtonRobert James-CollierArsher Ali
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Storylines (plots) from our users

(3 years ago)

What was supposed to be an hiking adventure among four friends turns quickly into a nightmare of rapidly growing fear. For one and for all, the woods come alive in a surreal deathly way. Only the physically and mentally strong will survive, or is there something horrendous on their path that has never been seen by anyone, who survived that is. A solid 5.5/10 on the scary scale.

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I really loved this film. I am Scandinavian/Irish so I know the folklore around Loki well. They did such a marvelous job of Loki's bastard son. Loki is a GOD so his son demands the same homage from the people he chooses. If the film is confusing, read Scandinavian literature about Loki (not the Superhero stuff). He also possesses the ability to "see" into people's souls, this is how he chooses. Anyhow, the film is spooky, eerie, and has immaculate timing in terms of acting as well as gorgeous landscapes, not to mention an ending like no other. A true horror! (Although I still believe that Horror Genre is badly in need of Sub Genres.) I hope anyone reading this enjoys it and if not, I hope you find something else.


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This is no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but also no vomit inducing pile of crap either smiley Think someone needs to check what they're smoking and drinking before pointing at others smiley Just my opinion, so take that however you like smiley Good movie and done in a way that keeps you entertained. At least it's not a found footage, documentary style so that was a big plus for me. Check it out if your looking for something a little different but worth the time to watch smiley 3.5/5 stars for me smiley smiley



I loved this movie,

To begin with, it gets points for tossing away the usual teens they often use in movies like this so rather than idiot juveniles screaming and running through the woods shouting the usual "What the ****".

We have grown men who actually remain rational and even humorous through the ordeal.

The movie kept me glued to the screen the entire time, managed to make me both sad and creeped out while the characters were one's you could really relate to.

I highly recommend watching this film.

5 out of 5 rounds.


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GREAT MOVIE! I really really enjoyed this one. The story was great and the acting was as well. It was strange and creepy and not your typical horror movie. This one is worth a watch smiley


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This was pretty good. I see it got some mixed reviews but I'm one of the ones who liked it. I thought the creature was pretty damn wicked looking. Def different from any monster/creature I've ever seen before so that's a plus. I liked the fact that the characters were grown ups not a bunch of immature teens running around the woods doing stupid things and making stupid decisions. Overall it is a cool movie. Not the scariest or goriest horror movie but def something different and I'd say give it a watch. 7/10


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i don't know about anyone else, but that was pretty scary. acting was top-notch, good cinematography... for the most part it was engaging. as to the creature, i couldn't see much of it because the picture was too dark. when it was revealed i didn't think it looked to ridiculous.. and it really was only revealed toward the end. it seemed to me as well that this was a male version of the descent ( if anyone hasn't seen it, check it out.)


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I enjoyed this movie, it was eerie n creepy in some parts(there's nothing like dark spooky woods), but I like a good Creature feature n It(creature) actually looked majestic n cool! It was worth the watch for me.,, Thxx


top expert
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i got into this one pretty good. it is based in the forest. "something" is stalking and picking off the hikers. but, you will never guess what is going to happen next which is why it made it good enough to not turn it off. pretty much by the end you find out the forest was cursed which i see that most viewers could not grasp. based on my mood when i watched it, i would give it a 7 maybe? you won't be satisfied with yourself unless you go ahead and watch it to see what makes it so confusing to others though. so, you may as well just give it a shot. LOL


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Monster was fun,I can not stop myself from laughing smiley


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This was fun for a horror movie, plenty of potatoes and veg.. not enough meat. The direction and DP was spot on with Rafe Spall but the storyline was too predictable. The creature was beautiful. Worth a look at 7/10 smiley


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