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The Plot Against the President (2020) user reviews

The Plot Against the President movie

User Reviews (5)

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Brilliant ! This should be required watching for every civil service applicator.
It's impossible to understand how the democrats get away with such time and again.
How the media can keep the truth away from normal thinking democrats and keep breading useful idiots is beyond me.
It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.
Most if not all information in this documentary are known to conservative new readers and watchers.
If conservative news says something is true and at the same time liberal media screams the news if false, conservative news has been correct 99% plus of the time.
Sad so many who need to see this won't.


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Documentary? If this is considered a documentary, I'm a brain surgeon far surpassing the abilities of Ben Carson. In fact, if this is considered a documentary, I claim to have invented brain surgery.

There is nothing documentative about this joke of a movie. It is pure opinion substituted for facts by people so far right, it's a wonder they all haven't declared the left side of their bodies useless. There are no facts to be seen here. The on;y truth is the fact there are none here.

The list of 'actors' reads like a who's who of psychotic cult members supporting a demented president who is about as Christian as what I wipe off the bottom of my shoes after a walk in a dog park. If you can stomach a good laugh, watch it. I wasted my time doing so. I'd give it zero stars, but once you click the stars, that's it. This movie literally sucks.

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@jammer Every word is TRUE. You should be asking WHY fakenews shields you from the facts.
Mueller told you but you still wont listen.
too many know the truth and trump will win again against the swamp.
you should be willing to at least ask yourself why schiff lies so hard and cant come up with a shred of evidence.
Because it was a documented Failed coup.

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@jammer Trump should declare himself king and do away with people like you. Talk to Hillary if you want to learn about Russian collusion.

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@HelloSweetie! You have the nerve to say people like me should be done away with, and then claim Hillary's bad? I fought for this country so morons like you can spew crap like that. What have you ever done for the country I love and was willing to die for - it's a rhetorical question you already answered with your post - nothing.



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