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The High Note

Genre: Drama / Music / Romance
Released: 2020
Run time: 113 min.
Views: 1,652
6.3/10 from 6 users.
PG-13 (?)

A superstar singer and her overworked personal assistant are presented with a choice that could alter the course of their respective careers.

Director: Nisha Ganatra
Starring: Dakota JohnsonKelvin Harrison Jr.Zoe ChaoDeniz AkdenizEddie IzzardMarc Evan JacksonIce CubeTracee Ellis RossBill PullmanJune Diane Raphael
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Excellent cast and excellent story, Tracee Ellis Ross has a really strong voice especially in a duet with Kelvin Harrison Jr. Dakota and Ross characters both dealing with breaking away from other people's plans for them. He and Dakota Johnson have nice chemistry and give insight into the world of music producers and talent. Nice fashion, cars. Light, no violence, not preachy. Film industry needs to make more films like this.


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if you like movies that do the perfect blend of music and film, i don't know if there called musical dramas but if you like movies like Begin Again, Hearts Beat Loud, Berlin Calling, Wild Rose and Beyond the Lights great music and great drama in those movies then you'll for sure like this. I didn't like the character Tracee Ellis Ross played or Ice Cube played, I thought they were both horrendous people and [SPOILER].. That said I really liked Dakota Johnson character, I didn't like the twist/surprise at the end of the film which I won't spoil or put in the spoiler warning but overall this is a pretty tight film, ignore the bad reviews and low rating, give this film a try and if you are in love with Dakota Johnson I quite liked her here and in How to be Single and the other film "Chole and Theo" where she played a homeless girl befriending an Inuit man. ...
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