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The Chaplin Revue

Aka: A Revista de Charlot
Chaplin revü
Chaplinin Revyy
Genre: Comedy
Released: 1959
Run time: 128 min.
Views: 1,081
5.5/10 from 2 users.
G (?)

Three Chaplin silent comedies "A Dog's Life", "Shoulder Arms", and "The Pilgrim" are strung together to form a single feature length film. Chaplin provides new music, narration, and a small amount of new connecting material. "Shoulder Arms" is now described as taking place in a time before "the atom bomb".

Director: Charles Chaplin
Starring: Charles ChaplinAlbert AustinHenry BergmanSyd ChaplinEdna PurvianceMack SwainLoyal Underwood
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