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Genre: Drama
Released: 2010
Run time: 91 min.
Views: 1,318
6.2/10 from 0 users.
16 (?)

1979: Election Night - A police interview room. Delroy's pregnant wife has been found dead in a pool of blood and he is brought in as the chief suspect. He is interrogated by D.S. Karn, a witty, psychotic racist and his violent sidekick D.C. Wilby. Both high on the prospect of a Conservative landslide victory they try to lure him into a quick confession. Callous humiliation gives way to a barrage of sinister violence, leading to a devastating conclusion. From Barrie Keeffe, the writer of the British classic The Long Good Friday and based on a true story, SUS is a gripping and emotionally f... Read more 

Director: Robert Heath
Starring: Ralph BrownClint DyerAnjela Lauren SmithRafe Spall
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