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Runaway Bride

Aka: Noiva em Fuga
Сбежавшая невеста
De buna voie si nesilita de nimeni
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Released: 1999
Run time: 116 min.
Views: 18,228
PG (?)

Ike Graham, New York columnist, writes his text always at the last minute. This time, a drunken man in his favourite bar tells Ike about Maggie Carpenter, a woman who always flees from her grooms in the last possible moment. Ike, who does not have the best opinion about females anyway, writes an offensive column without researching the subject thoroughly. The next day, Ike gets fired by his publisher (and former wife), because he went too far and faked the facts, which real journalists don't do. Ike's only way back into the business now is to do a fact-based report on Maggie and her upcoming f... Read more 

Director: Garry Marshall
Starring: Julia RobertsYul VazquezReg RogersDonal LogueChristopher MeloniPaul DooleyRita WilsonHector ElizondoJoan CusackRichard Gere
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Runaway Bride - user reviews (3)

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its just fantastic, very enjoyable and what a great couple they make, love it!


senior guru
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enjoyable comedy with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts .7/10


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In parts it was way too random..
It was basically only Richard Gere that made this movie good for me, otherwise.. not really worth watching.


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