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Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi
Released: 2020
Run time: 115 min.
Views: 5,415
Not Rated (?)

A young NASA JPL scientist is abducted by extraterrestrials but when no one believes his story he becomes obsessed with finding proof which leads him on a journey of discovery.

Director: Eric Demeusy
Starring: Ryan MassonDarin CooperKylie ContrearyPamela HoltSarah NavratilChristopher MurrayDon ScribnerShaw JonesChristian PrenticeHighdee Kuan
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I like it! This wasn't a blockbuster and it wasn't a low-budget film either. It had a decent mix of things taken from other movies but overall it was entertaining. I found the writing a bit rough in spots but the acting was fairly decent. The only thing I found off was that some of the elements of the story weren't seamless. It kind of bounced back and forth between sci-fi components. It was like there were too many themes in the story line: everything from sci-fi to religion. This made the flow of the film uneven but it was still watch worthy.


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This easily could've been a big budget feature film in my opinion. It's well shot, has nice flow, likable characters. It's a bit reminiscent of an other alien flick called "The Signal." Much of the musical score seems a little out of place, but it's okay, oddly it works. The androids are weirdly acceptable too, even tho they look goofy af. And there's some sort profound hidden message too, you decide.


senior guru
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Till minute 30 i thought: ..hmm interesting. well done for a middle class budget, liked the main actor, some nice effects, certainly more a softy sci fi
from 30 to 60 : ...oh cool some escape and action elements..i like this part of the world..
after 60: getting weird a bit, you get the feeling its a bit confused, you feel the director wants to lead you to something but yet you cant see it....its getting somehow cheesy and hippy like
AND then ...DANG... its all ruined. You find out why it got cheesy and sweet and that its just another part of ...a campaign.

Dont wanna spoil it, but the only connection of religion and sci fi i ever enjoyed (unless its an alien religion) was Life of Brian: The scene when Brian landed in an UFO. That was funny.
This isnt. Hardly know a movie that ruined itself so thoroughly.
Lets just say if you havent been in the YMCA you very likely wont enjoy it.

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@Adrian88 if you didnt think the use of a tazer as a tracker detector and them futuristic weight scales wern't pro then you are noob this easy 10 out of 10

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@manofpirate so u think this as good as e.g.
alien 1
odyssee 2001
the scale ends at 10....


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Started out pretty promising, the main actor is really good... bu after 30 mins turns into super weird and boring teenage struggle thing hard to call a movie. Don't waist your time with it.


top expert
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WOW, I love this one. I enjoyed it so much since im fascinated with ET. And that JESUS thing that he is the l!nk of the origin of everything! WOW thumbs up to that one.


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Wow what a movie, I didn't know what to think of this film at first. But I was intrigued to see what is going on as the things are happening in the film. But to my surprise as the movie went on I was impressed on how the setting and and plots was displayed to make you think and realize how different things are in the film.

The main character of the film gives you a look into a world of man that is somewhat rejected from society. When though a serious of events and disturbances, becomes the talk of the world. The story unfolds as a 80's mish mash mixture of sci-fi and adventure which leads the audience to believing the truth of what's out there and the conspiracy of the events though time. Your in a trans fixture of moods listening to the new age / eighties music. But in many ways it's fitting to this film.

I love the characters, it brings you back to the Star wars realm and describes a unique look of to exploration on earth. The storyline has some holes missing but gives more mystery, which challenges the audience to learn more about the characters.
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Just a few words to tell you what to expect if you're thinking about giving this a try. The acting is good, the effects are well done and believable and the story, for the most part, is interesting and scientifically accurate. The point of the story, WHY the aliens are so interested in us, only becomes clear after nearly two hours and, for me, destroys the movie.

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@RTexSpurt smiley that is exactly the point. Some creationists financed a movie, engaged some good CGI guys and then DANG ruined it


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everything after where it says present day is 10 out of 10


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I liked it very much. Very interesting that the Aliens wanted to know about JC. Oval all the movie was pretty cool to watch.


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I like it. Probably a true story or at least based on a true story. If not really true it could still easily happen and so it's well worth watching to get a feel for the kind of things we can expect. The great great characters in the movie help make this a great movie. I'd rate this 7 out of 10.


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