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Genre: Thriller
Released: 2014
Run time: 97 min.
Views: 2,815
7.8/10 from 9 users.
PG-13 (?)

Shawn, an automotive designer, enjoys an idyllic life with his new wife Jasmine until it is interrupted by a cryptic message. The message warns of imminent danger and a curse that has ... See full summary »

Director: Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad
Starring: Ray ParkChris ColdrenAmber WhelanWalter PhelanMilica GovichDominic RainsSibylla DeenFaran TahirWilliam AthertonSerinda Swan
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top expert
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I liked this simple yet entertaining movie... again this movie kinda reminds me of my faves thriller/horror of the 80's!
Good cast (pretty sure the guy who played darth maul is the cool English guy?!) good acting as I've already stated its got that vibe which some find cheesy/cliché but for me it totally worked!!!
Would recommend watching 8.5/10

For your information when the movie finishes and the credits come up there is another quick scene and also at the very end of the credits is something else!

Also in one of the first scenes when the man comes face to face with the Jinn you find that the exchange between them are of foreign tongue and German subtitles and here is basically what it reads;

Man; God protect me from Satan the damned(repeated 3 times)in the the name of gnadigsten and barmherzicsten. You took something that does not belong to you and I'm here to bring it back, you can keep the body his soul is dead but give back the girl!
(repeats;God protect me from Satan the damned in the name of gnadigsten and barmherzicsten!)
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@AngelLightiie Thank you for the 'translation'. That was bugging me.


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Great movie. good to watch
Conirm that The actual film is only 1 hour and 20 minutes
and really very very long credits at the end ,... great ending
Between the start is foreiegn language with german subs which i can not understand, but apart from that i think you will enjoy it


top expert
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This movie, actually, appears to be a loose "remake" of another movie of the same name (D'Jinn) that was made in 2008 (a Middle Eastern subtitled movie that I highly recommend). There was, also, another "D'Jinn" movie from 2013, but I believe that the plot differs from the others. What makes these movies so interesting is that they are based on real folklore/ beliefs that are written in religious texts.

This movie was very impressive, especially for (what I believe to be) a remake of a foreign horror. It was well thought out, the story line was clean and left no lingering unanswered questions (though, there are some movies that are made like that on purpose, which is not easy to pull off, that leave you to come up with your own conclusion/ leaves unanswered questions for you to ponder over), and it left this movie open for a sequel, which I'd like to see. The "squirmy" type of intensity was pretty high at times and it keeps your intention. There were clear choices that had to be made and there were consequences for either choice made. It remained an active and mysterious movie (no slow parts) even until the credits.
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(5 years ago)

I liked this film mostly because I know about some of the mythology surrounding non-physical beings. (Call me a weirdo. Fine.) Having some sort of cultural context helps with the subtleties. It made for a more interesting film. I did find the subtitles helpful for the first 10 to 15 minutes. They are unnecessary after that. There was excessive attention paid to the credits in favor of producer/director/writer etc. Interestingly, there was concerted effort to unite The People Of The Book, to use Mohammed's phrase. There was one thing that totally threw me off though. The scene in which the possessed patients attack Gabriel in the front yard showcases music that, for me, was like biting into unripe fruit; it hit a really unappetizing note. That was the one thing that made me wince.


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Great movie really enjoyed this
The actuall film is only 1hour 20 mins [ really long credits at the end ,... great ending btw
the start is in a foreiegn language with german subs, but apart from that i think you will enjoy it



This movie was pretty good. I'd label it more of a fantasy than thriller but I loved the story and how it was played out. The actors were fairly good and entertaining. You should definitely watch this if you haven't already. Check out the very end during the credits too. 8/10🌟


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Pretty good movie. 4/5


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