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Eternal Beauty (2019) user reviews

Eternal Beauty movie

User Reviews (2)

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I tried to get into this and put it on 2 different times in the last few days, however each time i found myself bored and easily distracted to the point it felt like a job trying to stay focused on it. My uncle by marriage has schizophrenia and i grew up watching him and the family struggle with that particular illness so when i saw this movie was about a character with the illness, i wanted to check it out. I just wasn't feeling anything about it. Not sure exactly where the disconnect was and whether it was with the actresses or something else. Whatever it is it's irrelevant because i couldn't get my initial interest back if i wanted to.


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wanted to like this, but the pace was too much like "I'm thinking of leaving you" that garbage movie of Charlie Kaufman, and wanted to like this because I love Sally Hawkins and love Billie Piper who is a criminally underused actress but this film just didn't do it for it nor keep my attention which is a pity due to the subject matter but alas! there are better films and TV shows these two fine actresses have played in but this wasn't it.



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