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Easy Money

Genre: Comedy
Released: 1983
Run time: 96 min.
Views: 9,928
R (?)

Monty Capuletti could receive 10 million dollars as an inheritance from his late mother-in-law's estate. Her will states he must first curb his vices for a year, which include smoking, drinking and gambling to name a few.

Director: James Signorelli
Starring: Rodney DangerfieldFrank SimpsonKimberly McArthurDavid VasquezJeff AltmanJennifer Jason LeighTom EwellJeffrey JonesLili HaydnTaylor NegronTom NoonanVal AveryCandice AzzaraGeraldine FitzgeraldJoe Pesci
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This is the funniest movie ever made,funniest seen let me lick the bride that'so bride that's my daughter


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In my humble opinion. This is one of if not the funniest movies ever made. And I've seen a lot of comedies mostly bad ones. I don't know if the younger crowd will appreciate it but for it's time even now for me this is the best laughs money can buy.

5 stars


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Wish Rodney Dangerfield made more movies he was funny fella.Thank you for the laugh sir!


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