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#Alive (2020) user reviews

#Alive movie

User Reviews (4)

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All i can say is wow .... lol WOW!! I been looking for a decent zombie movie and this one rocks lol. Makes most of the US made or random B movie types look like **** XD.

If you're a fan of train to busan or maybe even the sequel to it then this movie definitely does justice. This even makes a touch on probably 28 days/weeks later imo but far be it from TWD which sadly cant compete to this.



Nice zombie acton movie. The makeup and prosthetics teams did an amazing job on these guys. One complaint i have is that there were a few scenes that either weren't translated correctly or partially translated and left out key words or the movie was written well in certain areas because there's a couple things unexplained or left up to you to figure out what the heck they even did that for. Fortunately, there wasn't a lot of that. The acting was really good and there wasn't any of the exaggerated over-acting that you typically see in a lot of asian movies, especially those in the faster paced thriller/horror varieties. I know to some that may come off as a dig towards asians, but i truly don't mean that in a negative way at all. The over exaggerated acting is just a common style with a lot of actors. Overall i really enjoyed this movie and the intensity was strong. It had me on the edge of my seat.


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Fun survival movie with a few twists and turns along the way. I was willing the protagonists on; the lead characters have a good on screen relationship. Nicely shot scenes, the action is captured well and the zombies are faster and more mobile than The Walking Dead, which adds to the thrill. Solid survival movie, that is unlikely to make you think too hard. Thanks to Shabba for the recommendation.


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Once again, another very good post apocalyptic survival film from South Korea.
The 2 lead roles are very well acted and a lot of thought has gone into the plot , which twists and turns and descends into despair then false hope and finally an extremely good ending.
I do enjoy watching another cultures take on familiar storylines and just when you think the genre is dead { sorry } something comes along to revitalise it.
If a film leaves you wondering “what would I do or how would I survive ? “ then I guess it’s fulfilled one of its functions.
If it entertains and also immerses you in another culture whilst reminding us that we are all basically the same , it deserves 8/10
Highly recommended



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