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How to watch movies ?

Please read this page carefully, watching is easy but you need to know the basics.

It's easy! You don't need Flash now.

With modern browsers you don't have to install Adobe Flash or other kind of plugins but some video sites still require Adobe Flash. Flash is now officially dead (Adobe announced that they would stop supporting Flash by 2020). So if you able to watch Youtube then you will be able to watch movies here, on // If you're using some kind of tablet like iPad then try checking as many links as possible to find the best working one.

Check our old but still relevant video:

Another helpful video from our user:

To facilitate your navigation, use the buttons on the upper panel. With their help it is convenient to skip to any part of a film or to proceed to the next version without returning to the film page. We ask you to inform us if the viewing link you have choosen does not work please, press dislike. If you want to download a film, Please click here to read more.

Type the name of the movie you wish to find into the search box.

Choose the movie you are looking for from the search results and click on it.

Choose a link from the list of links provided and click on watch to the left of your choosen link.

To Start watching your choosen movie, close any ads that may be displayed and press play on the player.


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164,568 reviews • 101,348 films • 13,738 TV series

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