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Crisis Theory
Season 3  |  Episode 8

Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller / Western
Released: 2016
Air date: 2020-05-03
429 users

Time to face the music. 

Starring: Anthony HopkinsJimmi SimpsonTessa ThompsonSidse Babett KnudsenLuke HemsworthAngela SarafyanSimon QuartermanIngrid Bolsø BerdalShannon WoodwardRodrigo SantoroJeffrey WrightThandie NewtonJames MarsdenEd HarrisEvan Rachel Wood
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User Reviews (5)

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top expert
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I hope Dolores comes back in some way. Pleeeaase....


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This is the season finale, but they have been renewed for a 4th season.


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This show got way better over the last 3 episodes. I liked the way this one ended and I was at least right that [SPOILER] If there are 3 more episodes I can't wait to see what happens next!



top expert
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crisis theory ~ provides a worthy climax and ultimately satisfying ideology to live by in a new world. yet there are apparently 2 more episodes in S3. ok? don't f**k it up now.

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@druiddude s3 ep 8 was the finale ... ok perfect


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