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Genre: Biography / Drama / Music
Released: 2021
Run time: 145 min.
Views: 1,565
12 (?)
Canada; USA;

Following the rise of Aretha Franklin's career from a child singing in her father's church's choir to her international superstardom, RESPECT is the remarkable true story of the music icon's journey to find her voice.

Director: Liesl Tommy
Starring: Jennifer HudsonKimberly ScottTituss BurgessMarc MaronMarlon WayansBrenda Nicole MoorerHailey KilgoreSaycon SengblohAudra McDonaldForest Whitaker
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Respect - user reviews (9)

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senior guru
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6.25 out of 10.
The life and times of Aretha Franklin (Hudson) spanning twenty years from her days as a 10-year-old singer at her father's church to the recording of her all-Gospel album in 1972 are transformed into an overlong derivative bio flick that is plagued by virtually every cliche and trope in the genre (e.g. Franklin suffers various forms of oppression and exploitation from the male specie as she tries to find her "voice"). Everyone already knows that Franklin possessed one of the most distinctive and powerful singing voices, but first-time director Tommy crams the film with non-stop song numbers and fails to dig deeper into the other facets of the Queen of Soul's life (e.g. what were exactly the "demons" that beleaguered Franklin, her challenges as a teenage mother, her musical influences, to name a few). Unfortunately, the film unfolds disjointedly with an undernourished episodic script and clunky editing. Hudson, who was handpicked by Franklin to portray her, aced the song numbers that showcased her full-throttle voice, but she flounders in the non-musical dramatic segments, despite a few genuinely brilliant scenes, and this is mainly due to her limited range as an actress and the repurposing of her Effie White persona in Dreamgirls. ...
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@allaboutmovies As a music lover, after I watched the "Dreamgirls" I don't think I could be ever objective for her performances as actor. All i want is watch her and listen to her singing...

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@Nasos She is undeniably a masterful singer, but as an actress, she is somewhat lacking. 🙂


senior guru
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Am I the first to review this film?! Ok I won't say much then except that it's great and recommended. 7/10


top expert
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This version was “authorized” by Franklin, who blessed Jennifer Hudson for the title role. There are similarities and vast differences in this 2:30 version vs. the National Geographic series Genius: Aretha. That one spent more time on the early gospel circuit, while this one just references it, along with virtually no mention of the years after the LP/movie Amazing Grace. That’s because the NatGeo project was produced by Clive Barnes, who apparently saved those records for his series. After moving from her childhood (featuring spectacular vocals from Skye Dakota Turner), this movie follows Franklin as she rises to fame. Those sequences are like a concert with Hudson singing Franklin’s early hits almost back to back. The singer’s troubled personal life is chronicled with extended segments dragging down the pace. Of course, Hudson nails the songs with power and her dramatic segments are her strongest work yet. Forest Whitaker (as her father) is OK, while Audra McDonald (as the mother) makes a magnificent impression in her brief scenes. ...
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top expert
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Jennifer Hudson is an absolute vocal powerhouse in this movie, and deserves all the praise heaped on her. As fr as the film goes it is a tidy affair, and at 2.5 hours just holds your attention and in own personal opinion just as I was wondering if there was anymore film to go it came to an end. So its plenty long enough to encompass her rise to fame and ends before you get too bored! How true to life this is in relationship to all of the behind the scenes stuff I'm sure the Franklin estate will ask to sue! SO all in all if you want an engrossing film charting the rise and fall of Aretha Franklin's early musical career, coupled with a dynamic voice of the leading lady, who can actually sing way better than most of todays artists, then this is a film for!


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She was sexually spreading her legs for men at a very early age. Got pregnant at the age of 12. And then again and again. Later she took to drink and was a serious and obese alcoholic. A role model for young girls? I don't think so.


senior guru
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Fantastic and emotionally moving story about the life of Aretha Franklin,The Queen of Soul!You see her at age 10,when she was singing in church and for family,til she sings on tours.Also the few men in her life and how she was mistreated.The record producer who knew she had the voice to reach out.She had some remarkable friends,you will see**


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Aretha is a queen in her profession, no doubt. This movie didn't do her justice. It was long & somewhat boring. It missed a lot of trials & tribulations that are both realistic & important for up & coming musicians to know. This movie made her look weak & that she had to have others run her business. She was a very strong woman, especially fighting for civil rights.


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