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Genre: Romance / Drama / Comedy
Released: 2008
Run time: 90 min.
Views: 2,027
TV-PG (?)
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Baby was a motherless, poverty-stricken young man in the care of his alcoholic father. A tough childhood was made even worse when he became mixed up with a pack of Latino gangsters who live next door. But when he was sent to prison for manslaughter at the age of eleven, his life was changed forever - a childhood lost and an innocence forsaken.

But now Baby is out - and with an altered perspective of life, his goals in life are simple. He will rekindle his first love, obtain control and respect, and kill anyone who stands in the way. A tough, uncompromising but also very human tale,
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Director: Greg Daniels
Starring: Steve CarellCreed BrattonBrian BaumgartnerLeslie David BakerMelora HardinEd HelmsB.J. NovakJenna FischerJohn KrasinskiRainn Wilson
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