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what a cute icon smiley

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This video summing up 2020 has left netizens across the world praising it.......
There’s unlikely to be a year like 2020 any time soon and a video that compiles footage from some of the biggest global events is being praised on social media. The video features music composed and edited by Cee-Roo, an EDM artiste from Switzerland, and features a montage of visuals from events around the world. So there’s footage of the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, the US elections, the Beirut blast, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the death of sporting stars like Kobe Bryant and Diego Maradona.

However, the video ends on an optimistic note with footage of frontline workers receiving applause, Joe Biden’s electoral victory, and police officials taking a knee during the Black Lives Matter protests.

We are not going to forget this year any time soon!

Brilliant...Every human on this planet should watch this video just to remember we all belong to humanity and we need to be respectful and unite to build a better world.
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Just finished watching the first ep of the new season of Hudson and Rex. Has to be one the better shows, if not the best. Also, bit of a tearjerker.

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Please don't think I just ignored your reply. That is not something I would do nor is it the type of person I am. If you did, I am sorry. I spent new year's with my parents and did not have access to the site. However, I am back so I hope we can continue this conversation.

I have not seen any of the shows you mentioned. But, I did notice an upload for a new season of "The Frankie Drake Mysteries." I'll be watching. Now I'll have 2 shows to watch on mondays, PE and FDM.

There was a show from over a year ago I liked. I can't remember the name (you know, old age and maybe a little too much chemical enhancement in my youth LOL) but I think it was The Corsica Files.

Anyway, stay safe. Kevin

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i saw your name in the birthday members so i came to wish you a happy birthday and many more to come. smiley smiley smiley

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@swans2525 Thank you

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@Disney your welcome dear. smiley


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