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Genre: Drama
Released: 2020
Views: 562
8.5/10 from 1 users.
5 users

The poignant and hilarious story of the Petersens during their vacation across Europe where the father Douglas tries to win back the love of his wife Connie and become reconciled with their son Albie.

Starring: Iain De CaesteckerThaddea GrahamTom HollanderSaskia ReevesTom TaylorGina BramhillSofie GråbølGiuseppe BonifatiCharlotte Spencer
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lovely BBC miniseries/dramedy from start to finish, you'll enjoy this, the time will fly, the cast and writing is all brilliant and its not a depressfest. do enjoy! if you love Tom Hollander you'll love this, if you like family dramas, 'begin again' stories, films about being trying to escape and find themselves by traveling then this ticks off all those boxes and if you like miniseries dramas or short series then you'll love this, I rate this highly with the Irish romantic drama "Normal People", and films like "made in italy" starring Liam Neeson and his son Michael Richardson and the Danish/UK drama with Pierce Brosnan "Love is all you need" except far more humor injected like in Made in italy. anywho do enjoy I loved it and beautiful 4 episode dramedy.


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