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The Undoing

Genre: Drama
Released: 2020
Views: 6,289
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88 users

A medical doctor and his counselor wife become entangled in the mystery of the death of one of his patients.

Written by: **-Joshua-**
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Starring: Ismael Cruz CordovaSara KoviakMaria DizziaVedette LimJim ClearyFala ChenDonald SutherlandEdgar RamírezLily RabeNicole KidmanNoah JupeHugh GrantNoma DumezweniMichael DevineMatilda De AngelisLauren Collier
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(3 weeks ago)

A medical doctor and his counselor wife become entangled in the mystery of the death of one of his patients.

The Undoing - user reviews (6)

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top expert
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Its too much of a soap opera for my taste.
Even for me, the corniest romantic content muncher.

First of all, its too nonsensical.
Cops or detectives DO NOT show you to your face about your suspicion or ANY hostility to YOUR FACE even if You ARE guilty.
Cops would make you feel like a buddy that You would feel comfortable sharing secrets with.

And these cops are the dumbest.
Every 2 seconds of information they received, They reported it directly to Nicole Kidman's house. Like they dont have any other job.

Also whats 200+ press doing covering ONE murder case in NEW YORK??
Celebs live in NY for peace bcs their press even gossip press dont care about your exsistence.
There was less press covering Donald Trump during his rally.

Everything about this makes me mad.

All nonsense and slowmotion fantasy flashbacks wih some boobs and rough penetration scene

4 episodes in, and NOTHING adds to the story

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@kent.girl oh wait until the ending.... its worse.


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Two episodes in and this has turned out to be, strangely for HBO, expensive, predictable fodder where the two leads (no doubt very well paid for their star appeal) have decided to phone their performances in. There is worse, but there's also so very much better


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OMG I've written a review 2x for this and my tablet is being janky and shut off in the middle,ahhhh!
Anyway this series started off great! I really like Hugh grant, his attitude cracks me up. A lot of other great actors as well like my AHS, Lily Rabbi! I thought I saw shaylene(I think that's her name) from big little lies in the audience at the auction but maybe it just looked like her. My mom is dying to see this as well, she doesn't understand streaming so once all episodes are listed I will have to go over her house and steam this for her. It looks like a series you might want to rewatch once it's over.

Teeny💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤ ️


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Trailer looks good, Nicole Kidman, Donald Sutherland and Hugh Grant together should be fantastic.
Anyone got lnks...please?


senior guru

Here's a teaser & photo for the series.Chiao!


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