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The Pact

Genre: Thriller
Released: 2021
Views: 1,327
7.2/10 from 5 users.
19 users

A sudden death unveils a web of lies amongst a group of five friends.

Starring: Rakie AyolaMark Lewis JonesEddie MarsanEiry ThomasAled ap SteffanBen McGregorJason HughesJulie HesmondhalghAbbie HernHeledd GwynnLaura FraserGabrielle CreevyAneurin BarnardSophie Melville
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I'm a little ambivalent about this one. I liked the story and plot, but the acting and dialogue was not good. I went into it thinking it would be like any of the other similar shows and movies which have been made, but the more I watched it became clear this one would stand alone. Most of that is because of the story and plot: it starts out as you might expect, then we get introduced to unexpected things along the way that only add to the tension, until in episodes five and six there are enough twists and turns you might think you're on Lombard street. (If you don't know, look it up.)

Now, we have to talk about the acting. It's bad, especially the female lead, Laura Fraser. Most of the time her expression for surprise is a blank stare with wide open eyes. Not good. And at other times her expressions don't fit with the seriousness of the scene. Towards the end, she had a crying scene that just sounded fake to me. The same can be said about the other actors, but in different degrees of bad. I will say Eddie Marsan does a good job.
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Just watched all them. It was OK, but too dragged out. Worth a watch though. 3.5/5


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We Just watched the 1st episode, so far so good.


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