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Paper Girls

Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Horror
Released: 2022
Views: 2,066
7.9/10 from 7 users.
30 users

A few hours after 1988 Halloween night, four 12-year old girls have to face a mission. Trapped in a complicated conflict, they will travel in time to save the world.

Starring: Camryn JonesChristopher ShyerKellee StewartCliff ChamberlainMaren LordJessika VanRebecca SpenceMeg ThalkenDaniel RashidCeleste AriasSekai AbenìAli WongNathan CorddryAdina PorterFina StrazzaSofia RosinskyRiley Lai NeletMarika Engelhardt
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senior guru
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After seeing the first three episodes, I am addicted. This is kind of hard to compare to other sci-fi works. Maybe sort of Back to the Future meets Stranger Things meets the "Temporal Cold War" from Star Trek Enterprise meets Cyberpunk 2077. Kids from the late 1980s find themselves in the middle of a time travel war and get stuck in 2019.

The acting is great. I really love it how the kids react to seeing modern day video games, Alexa, and other modern day technology or how one of their older brothers now a professional doctor reacted to seeing his long-lost sister from 1988 and the magic they had when they rocked out to the voice activated AI in the car. It just never gets old seeing people from two different time periods react to each other here. It's done so well in this series.

If you are Generation X, you're gonna love this one.

From the very first episode, every kid who experienced Halloween in the 1980s fending off older teenage bullies can relate. I thought that was pretty realistic, in the sense that it is sensitive to that time period, as that stuff doesn't really happen today. Halloween isn't really a preteen vs teenager thing anymore. It's like a little kid thing in the modern day.
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@Hiddenpalm [Update] I saw all 8 episodes. I have to say, this just kept getting better. This and For All Mankind are my two favorite sci fi series of the year. This is up there with 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar. Magnificent sci fi story telling, beautiful directing (every episode had its own director) and superb acting. 10/10 for sure. I ended up downloading the comic book collection, because I can't wait for the second season.


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