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Father Brown

Genre: Drama / Mystery
Released: 2013
Views: 69,258
61 users

Series inspired by the stories of GK Chesterton; a Catholic priest has a knack for solving mysteries in his English village.

Starring: Mark WilliamsSorcha CusackNancy CarrollAlex PriceTom ChambersJohn Burton
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I am surprised that only 5 episodes of season 10 were placed here, when, in fact, all 10 episodes are available.

The new cast members are a bit quirky and add a bit of fun to the show. Still, as much as I like this show maybe it is time to 'hang up the proverbial cap' as it is not the show that it started off to be. I would say that it has evolved, and it has, but much of what made the show so entertaining to watch at the beginning, now seems forced and less spontaneous. If I had to define it, I would say that this show and the characters seem 'tired'. Even the recycling of past beloved cast members doesn't seem to be able to rejuvenate it much.


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Oh man, I don't know what's missing from this season of Father Brown, but something is. I even went back to a random episode, in S. 4, just to see if my perception was off. It wasn't. I think it's the writing, must be 'cause the cast hasn't changed (that much). The stories seem rushed, thrown together, amateurish even. I'm a Big Fan of Cozy Mysteries like Murdoch Mysteries, Granchester & Midsomer Murders. I hope Father Brown regains it's former style in future.

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@bevnick You think this one is losing its mojo, you should see how...strange...Dr. Blake Mysteries has become now that they have decided to go forward without the main actor (sexual misconduct allegations). They are just calling it Blake Mysteries now, and the wife runs the investigations.😐

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@YgraineDance I saw that!?! Didn't know about the sexy stuff.. but Eewww. Father Brown ended better than I anticipated, so there's that. Que'n up the season final of Delicious now. Sad that each series is only 4 epi's, but it's a well done drama. Nice to see you, here. I remember you from PW

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@bevnick Hey, nice to see someone from the old place. They're trying to build it back up but it's taking awhile. Sadly, all our old profiles and saved shows etc. are gone, as well as old messages and posts that connected us to friends there. Oh, well, nothing stays the same except change, eh.

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@YgraineDance Yep, armeek gave me the skinny a few months ago. I'm over there, too. It's get'n better, bit by bit. It does stink about the lost lists & such. Keep in touch & have a Good Holiday... ;D

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@bevnick 😃Will do---friend added! p.s. that guy who played straight-laced Dr. Blake is up on charges for crap he allegedly pulled in 2014 while in a stage production of Rocky Horror. He was in the Tim Curry role, I kid you not.


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