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"Lifetime Movies (thrillers, etc)" playlist

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3 years ago

Created by: maeGastar

Movies: 33

Playlist description:  I'm going to try and start putting together LMN tv movies... not sure how far I'll get lol..

Movies (33)


Fatal Friend Request (2019)

Vanessa proudly shares all her personal information, selfies and family photos with her online friends and is thrilled to welcome her 10,000th follower. Little ...

Views: 861 • Reviews: 1

Taken Too Far (2017)

A jealous dance mom takes extreme measures to ensure her daughter wins a scholarship to an exclusive dance academy. But the victim's mother will do whatever nec...

Views: 1,012 • Reviews: 1

Victoria Gotti: My Father's Daughter (2019)

Crime  Drama 

A revealing look at the life of Victoria Gotti, the daughter of notorious mob boss John Gotti.

Views: 4,012 • Reviews: 7

His Perfect Obsession (2018)

Allison Jones and her blind daughter Abigail return to Allison's childhood hometown after the death of Allison's beloved aunt. While mother and daughter...

Views: 1,394 • Reviews: 2

Girl in the Bunker (2018)


A teenage girl is abducted and held in a forest in an underground bunker by a sexual predator.

Views: 2,228 • Reviews: 9

Terrified at 17 (2019)

After her father dies of a heart attack, Julie returns home to see her mother, Gail. But Gail is not herself these days, acting bizarrely and under the control ...

Views: 2,211 • Reviews: 6

Manny Dearest (2017)

Single mom Karen Clark hires Alex, a manny (a male nanny or au pair) to help with her two young sons, never suspecting Alex has other plans and wants her family...

Views: 947 • Reviews: 0

The Perfect Mother (2018)

When popular mother/daughter-bonding vlogger Stella Marshall finds herself on the outs with her own rebellious daughter Shay, she soon attracts the attention of...

Views: 1,051 • Reviews: 6

A Lover Betrayed (2017)

Five years after her son was killed, Tess Ford is ready to live again. But a one-night romance with a handsome soldier throws her life back into chaos as the yo...

Views: 754 • Reviews: 3

A Teacher's Obsession (2015)

When lacrosse star Bridgette fails her core classes, she is kicked off the team until she can improve her grades. Edgington Academy's new teacher takes a specia...

Views: 3,965 • Reviews: 1

A Student's Obsession (2015)

High school teacher Stephanie breaks the cardinal rule of not getting romantically involved with one of her students. To make things worse, her handsome teenage...

Views: 2,948 • Reviews: 0

Accidental Obsession (2015)


A lawyer is riding high after putting a notorious swindler behind bars, but has to look over her shoulder when a woman she meets in a traffic accident is not al...

Views: 1,507 • Reviews: 1

A Fatal Obsession (2015)

A mother and teen daughter believe they have at last found safe refuge from their abusive husband and father Michael. Michael, enraged by their escape, will do ...

Views: 1,287 • Reviews: 1

Unwritten Obsession (2017)

After the suicide of her fiancee, Skye, a struggling writer, mentors Lifetime Psycho Holly. Skye rips off Holly by stealing her work, unaware that Holly knows a...

Views: 935 • Reviews: 3

A Friend's Obsession (2018)

When Megan's fiancé is killed, she moves cross country and rebuilds her life with a new boyfriend and a closer relationship with her sister. Once she befrie...

Views: 1,270 • Reviews: 3

My Teacher, My Obsession (2018)


Riley struggles to meet friends after transferring to a new high school where her father is an English teacher. When she meets Kyla, a fellow loner, they become...

Views: 2,589 • Reviews: 3

A Sister's Obsession (2018)

Kendra has been given an Educator of the Year award and now must prepare a speech to give at a banquet in her honor. She has the support of her husband (and is ...

Views: 1,442 • Reviews: 2

Sleeper (2017)

Up until now, marriage has been smooth sailing for Jennifer Jones. But after suffering a miscarriage, she begins to question her happiness and whether the spark...

Views: 3,422 • Reviews: 11

Party Mom (2018)


It's all fun and games until things turn deadly. Shouldn't a 'mom' know better...?

Views: 6,636 • Reviews: 4

Home Invasion (2016)

Terror arrives at the one place we all feel safest in this taut psychological thriller starring Natasha Henstridge, Jason Patric and Scott Adkins. When a wealth...

Views: 2,698 • Reviews: 2


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