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"Watchlist (2016)" playlist

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5 years ago

Created by: gfree

Movies: 58

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Movies (58)


A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story (2016)

From Willie Nelson to Wilco, Ray Charles to Radiohead, A SONG FOR YOU: THE AUSTIN CITY LIMITS STORY offers the ultimate backstage pass to 40 years of incredible...

Views: 155 • Reviews: 0

Spa Night (2016)


A closeted Korean-American teenager takes a job at a Korean spa to help his struggling family, only to discover an underground world of gay sex at the spa that ...

Views: 999 • Reviews: 0

The Survivalist (2015)

In a time of starvation, a survivalist lives off a small plot of land hidden deep in forest. When two women seeking food and shelter discover his farm, he finds...

Views: 3,349 • Reviews: 8

Killing Ground (2016)

A couples' camping trip turns into a frightening ordeal when they stumble across the scene of a horrific crime.

Views: 3,574 • Reviews: 11

Seoul Station (2016)

Several groups of people try to survive a zombie pandemic that unleashes itself in downtown Seoul.

Views: 1,473 • Reviews: 2

Wiener-Dog (2016)


A dachshund passes from oddball owner to oddball owner, whose radically dysfunctional lives are all impacted by the pooch.

Views: 1,139 • Reviews: 0

Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016)

Dawson City: Frozen Time, pieces together the bizarre true history of a collection of some 500 films dating from 1910s - 1920s, which were lost for over 50 year...

Views: 449 • Reviews: 3

A Silent Voice (2016)

The story revolves around Nishimiya Shoko, a grade school student who has impaired hearing. She transfers into a new school, where she is bullied by her classma...

Views: 1,996 • Reviews: 0

After the Storm (2016)


Dwelling on his past glory as a prize-winning author, Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) wastes the money he makes as a private detective on gambling and can barely pay child ...

Views: 1,007 • Reviews: 0

Julieta (2016)

After a casual encounter, a brokenhearted woman decides to confront her life and the most important events about her stranded daughter.

Views: 2,068 • Reviews: 0

13th (2016)

An in-depth look at the prison system in the United States and how it reveals the nation's history of racial inequality.

Views: 3,039 • Reviews: 1

Things to Come (2016)


A philosophy teacher soldiers through the death of her mother, getting fired from her job, and dealing with a husband who is cheating on her.

Views: 1,196 • Reviews: 0

Endless Poetry (2016)

Through Alejandro Jodorowsky's autobiographical lens, Endless Poetry narrates the years of the Chilean artist's youth during which he liberated himself from all...

Views: 717 • Reviews: 1

Versus The Life and Films of Ken Loach (2016)

Documentary on the life and times of Ken Loach. His politics in British TV and Cinema and the chaos he has caused the establishment for 50 years.

Views: 182 • Reviews: 0

The Age of Shadows (2016)

Set in the late 1920s, The Age of Shadows follows the cat-and-mouse game that unfolds between a group of resistance fighters trying to bring in explosives from ...

Views: 2,020 • Reviews: 0

The B-Side Elsa Dorfmans Portrait Photography (2016)

A look at the life and work of photographer Elsa Dorfman.

Views: 176 • Reviews: 0

Mermaid (2016)

Xuan's estate project involving reclamation of the sea threatens the livelihood of the mermaids who rely on the sea to survive. Shan is dispatched to stop Xuan ...

Views: 2,465 • Reviews: 1

Are We Not Cats (2016)

Two strangers spark romance through their unusual habit.

Views: 287 • Reviews: 0

The Innocents (2016)


In 1945 Poland, a young French Red Cross doctor who is sent to assist the survivors of the German camps discovers several nuns in advanced states of pregnancy d...

Views: 1,909 • Reviews: 3

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey (2016)

An exploration into our planetary past and a search for humanity's place in the future. With narration by Cate Blanchett.

Views: 907 • Reviews: 1


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