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"True stories" playlist

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5 years ago

Created by: Teeny💋

Movies: 136, TV Shows: 112 [scroll to tv]

Playlist description:  Crime shows and true stories

Movies (136)


Sound of Freedom (2023)

The incredible true story of a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers.

Views: 3,355 • Reviews: 33

Milli Vanilli (2023)

The bizarre untold truth behind the greatest con in music history - Milli Vanilli.

Views: 135 • Reviews: 2

Extremity (2018)


A young woman obsessed with horror subjects herself to hours of grueling torment inside an extreme haunt in an attempt to confront her fears and conquer the tra...

Views: 1,726 • Reviews: 5

Sleepers (1996)

Four boys growing up in Hell's Kitchen play a prank that leads to an old man getting hurt. Sentenced to no less than one year in the Wilkenson Center in upstat...

Views: 22,610 • Reviews: 16

The Blackout Experiments (2016)

This documentary follows a group of people who discover the ultra-scary, psycho-sexual horror experience Blackout, and develop an obsession that hijacks their l...

Views: 1,552 • Reviews: 2

Monster Inside: America's Most Extreme Haunted House (2023)

Follows the story of Russ McKamey. The Navy Veteran turned master of horror, who lures horror enthusiasts into his web.

Views: 287 • Reviews: 7

The Idaho College Murders (2023)


With insight from investigative journalists and criminal experts, explores the horrific crime that claimed the lives of four college students in Moscow, Idaho.

Views: 43 • Reviews: 0

The Kidnap of Angel Lynn (2023)

The devastating story of Angel Lynn, a young woman from Leicestershire kidnapped by an abusive ex and left with near fatal injuries that made her unable to walk...

Views: 77 • Reviews: 1

Angela (2023)

Angela meets Raul and believes she has found someone who loves her free spirit as much as she does. The overwhelming attraction makes the couple drop everything...

Views: 47 • Reviews: 1

Ariel Phenomenon (2022)

The film follows a BBC war reporter and Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, whose careers were threatened by the investigation of the incident, as well as a for...

Views: 417 • Reviews: 1

The Unbinding (2023)


After finding a strange statue in the Catskills, hikers become the target of chilling paranormal phenomena. As the activity escalates, occult researchers Greg a...

Views: 197 • Reviews: 0

American Pain (2023)

American Pain traces the rise and fall of twin bodybuilders from Florida who become the kingpins of the largest oxycodone trafficking network in US history.

Views: 52 • Reviews: 2

Sex, Lies and the College Cult (2022)

Follow the shocking and unnerving story of Larry Ray and how he brainwashed students of Sarah Lawrence College into an abusive sex cult that upended their lives...

Views: 180 • Reviews: 1

Unknown: Cave of Bones (2023)

Follows Paleo anthropologist Lee Berger in South Africa, as he and his team try to prove that the world's oldest graveyard, they found, is not human. A sma...

Views: 483 • Reviews: 2

The Fire That Took Her (2023)

The case of Judy Malinowski, a young mother who suffered debilitating burns after being set on fire by a man she had dated.

Views: 130 • Reviews: 4

Cocaine Bear: The True Story (2023)

Dives deep into the bizarre actual events behind the hit Hollywood movie Cocaine Bear.

Views: 74 • Reviews: 0

Cocaine Bear (2023)

An oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists and teens converge on a Georgia forest where a huge black bear goes on a murderous rampage after unintentionally i...

Views: 2,493 • Reviews: 46

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story (2023)

Follow the rise of the most famous adult entertainment platform and the recent backlash it has received.

Views: 177 • Reviews: 2

Reality (2023)


A former American intelligence specialist was given the longest sentence for the unauthorized release of government information to the media about Russian inter...

Views: 452 • Reviews: 1

Doomsday Mom (2021)

Crime  Drama 

Lori Vallow, who gained national attention when her children, JJ and Tylee, were reported missing from their Idaho home.

Views: 218 • Reviews: 0


Tv Shows (112)


The Enfield Poltergeist (2023)

Experience the chilling true story of the world's most famous poltergeist case through original audio recordings made inside the house as the events unfold...

Views: 190 • Followers: 10Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:2 (1 month ago)

John Carpenter's Suburban Screams (2023)


An exploration of true tales of terror that took place in seemingly perfect American hometowns.

Views: 510 • Followers: 21Reviews: 1
Season:1 Episode:6 (1 month ago)

Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein (2023)

Follows grave robber and serial killer Ed Gein, better known as "The Ghoul of Plainfield" and "The Mad Butcher," from whose crimes such icon...

Views: 556 • Followers: 23Reviews: 6
Season:1 Episode:4 (1 month ago)

Married to Evil (2023)


Think you know the person you married? Think again. These gripping true stories explore the wickedness behind the wedding and show the devastating consequences ...

Views: 384 • Followers: 14Reviews: 2
Season:1 Episode:6 (3 months ago)

Women on Death Row (2023)

Women on Death Row tells the stories of America's most rarefied criminals: women who have been convicted of murder and sentenced to the ultimate punishment...

Views: 460 • Followers: 16Reviews: 1
Season:1 Episode:6 (2 months ago)

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband (2023)

Follows how one woman came to learn that her husband, high school teacher Spencer Herron, was engaging in several sexual assaults and improper behavior with his...

Views: 145 • Followers: 5Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:3 (3 months ago)

Demons and Saviors (2023)

Christina Boyer was convicted of murdering her 3-year-old daughter after the public speculated she had telekinetic abilities. A team of amateur detectives, who ...

Views: 303 • Followers: 12Reviews: 3
Season:1 Episode:3 (3 months ago)

Unearthed (2016)

Unearthed decodes mysteries and combines scientific investigations with CGI animation to reveal the hidden secrets of iconic structures and monuments from aroun...

Views: 31,991 • Followers: 65Reviews: 3
Season:11 Episode:6 (3 months ago)

History's Greatest Mysteries (2020)

Investigating a range of mysteries surrounding the Titanic, D.B. Cooper, Roswell and John Wilkes Booth.

Views: 13,812 • Followers: 52Reviews: 6
Season:4 Episode:25 (3 months ago)

The Cult of the Family (2019)

About the Melbourne-based cult The Family, which was led by the charming and dangerous Anne Hamilton-Byrne: a yoga teacher who claimed to be Jesus Christ reinca...

Views: 320 • Followers: 5Reviews: 1
Season:1 Episode:3 (6 months ago)

Dark Marvels (2023)

Examines the background and engineering of some of mankind's most evil creations. From cunning torture and death devices to terrifying weapons of war, nefa...

Views: 518 • Followers: 20Reviews: 2
Season:1 Episode:8 (3 months ago)

Myth of the Zodiac Killer (2023)

The identity of the serial killer known as 'The Zodiac' has been confounding investigators for nearly fifty years, but an unlikely and unconventional ...

Views: 207 • Followers: 9Reviews: 2
Season:1 Episode:2 (4 months ago)

The Clearing (2023)

A woman is forced to confront the nightmares of her past in order to stop a secret cult intent on gathering children to fulfil its master plan.

Views: 1,055 • Followers: 32Reviews: 4
Season:1 Episode:8 (4 months ago)

True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes (2023)

Three teenagers die in a mysterious way after being hypnotized by their principal.

Views: 399 • Followers: 15Reviews: 3
Season:1 Episode:4 (4 months ago)

Signs of a Psychopath (2020)


For every psychopath there are signs. Would you see them? Revisiting some of the most dangerous killers in modern history to see which psychopathic traits they ...

Views: 7,105 • Followers: 45Reviews: 5
Season:6 Episode:10 (3 months ago)

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets (2023)

Docuseries exploring the truth beneath the surface of reality TV's mega-family, The Duggars.

Views: 306 • Followers: 11Reviews: 1
Season:1 Episode:4 (5 months ago)

The Age of Influence (2023)

Examines some of the biggest social media crises of all time to highlight the negative aspects of influencer culture.

Views: 191 • Followers: 6Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:6 (5 months ago)

Mission Unexplained (2023)

(Toronto, ON - February 27, 2023) - With the recent shootdowns of mystery crafts over American and Canadian airspace, the mania for extraterrestrials and Uniden...

Views: 446 • Followers: 14Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:8 (4 months ago)

The Claremont Murders (2023)


It centers on a police investigation of the disappearance of young women.

Views: 132 • Followers: 12Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:2 (7 months ago)

The Nurse (2023)

The Danish nurse who was convicted of attempted manslaughter of four patients at Nykøbing Falster Hospital.

Views: 115 • Followers: 6Reviews: 3
Season:1 Episode:4 (7 months ago)


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