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"4utube" playlist

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1 month ago

Created by: boysie

Movies: 8

Playlist description:  4utube

Movies (8)

The Inhabitant (2017)


Three sisters break into a rich family house, but find a very disturbing secret in the basement.

Views: 314 • Reviews: 2

Shook (2021)


When Mia, a social media star, becomes the target of an online terror campaign, she has to solve a series of games to prevent people she cares about from gettin...

Views: 288 • Reviews: 0

The Girl Next Door (2004)

18-year-old Matthew Kidman is a straight 'A' over-achiever who feels that he has never really lived life till the fall. This is, until he meets 'the girl next d...

Views: 37,517 • Reviews: 6

Daylight (2013)

A horror/thriller about a team of Child Protective Services workers who investigate a series of bizarre child abuse cases in the small town of Daylight, IN. As ...

Views: 2,945 • Reviews: 7

Coherence (2013)

On the night of an astronomical anomaly, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. Part cerebral sci-fi and part r...

Views: 5,364 • Reviews: 11

Let's Kill Ward's Wife (2014)


Ward's wife is a bitch. Everyone knows it. Including Ward. After numerous conversations and ruminations on the subject amongst Ward's colorful group of friends,...

Views: 1,147 • Reviews: 1

You're Not You (2014)


A drama centered on a classical pianist who has been diagnosed with ALS and the brash college student who becomes her caregiver.

Views: 2,509 • Reviews: 1

Blood in the Water (2016)

20-somethings try to live above their means and get involved in a love triangle that goes terribly wrong.

Views: 1,472 • Reviews: 1


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