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7 years ago

Created by: adamdlambert

Movies: 0, TV Shows: 17 [scroll to tv]

Playlist description:  Movies i want to watch

Tv Shows (17)

ZeroZeroZero (2019)


A shipment of cocaine is smuggled from South America to Europe.

Views: 7,487 • Followers: 31Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:8 (3 years ago)

London Kills (2019)


With the world's most recognizable city as its backdrop, LONDON KILLS will dramatize the experiences of a team of top murder detectives. Slick, modern and fast ...

Views: 5,963 • Followers: 40Reviews: 5
Season:4 Episode:5 (7 months ago)

Preacher (2016)

After a supernatural event at his church a preacher enlists the help of a vampire to find God.

Views: 137,081 • Followers: 215Reviews: 16
Season:4 Episode:10 (4 years ago)

Instinct (2017)

A former CIA operative (Cumming), who has since built a "normal" life as a gifted professor and writer, is pulled back into his old life when the NYPD needs his...

Views: 44,345 • Followers: 105Reviews: 8
Season:2 Episode:11 (4 years ago)

The Woman in White (2018)


A bold new adaptation of Wilkie Collins' classic gothic novel.

Views: 4,441 • Followers: 14Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:5 (5 years ago)

Next of Kin (2018)


The six-part series is written and created by husband and wife team Paul Rutman (Indian Summers, Vera) and Natasha Narayan. Emmy Award winner and Golden Globe n...

Views: 4,632 • Followers: 16Reviews: 0
Season:1 Episode:6 (6 years ago)

Silent Witness (1996)

Various pathologists spend as much time solving crimes as practising the post-mortal arts.

Views: 159,986 • Followers: 61Reviews: 3
Season:27 Episode:9 (2 weeks ago)

Death in Paradise (2011)

A detective inspector is transferred from the Met in London to the island of Saint-Marie in the Caribbean; unfortunately, he dislikes sun, sea and sand.

Views: 94,620 • Followers: 86Reviews: 7
Season:13 Episode:4 (5 days ago)

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016)

Centers on the titular holistic detective who investigates cases involving the supernatural. Based on the "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" novel series...

Views: 22,524 • Followers: 25Reviews: 4
Season:2 Episode:10 (6 years ago)

Travelers (2016)


Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century. These travelers assume the l...

Views: 53,717 • Followers: 112Reviews: 10
Season:3 Episode:10 (5 years ago)

Doctor Who (2005)

The continuing adventures of The Doctor, an alien time traveler - a Time Lord - from Gallifrey. Together with his companions they travel through time and space ...

Views: 477,006 • Followers: 227Reviews: 28
Season:13 Episode:103 (1 year ago)

The Gifted (2017)

In a world where mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear, an institute for mutants battles to achieve peaceful co-existence with humanity.

Views: 149,417 • Followers: 314Reviews: 14
Season:1 Episode:13 (3 years ago)

Marvel's Runaways (2017)

After discovering their parents are super-villains in disguise, a group of teenagers band together to run away from their homes in order to atone for their pare...

Views: 91,194 • Followers: 195Reviews: 11
Season:3 Episode:3 (4 years ago)

Believe (2014)

A relationship forms between a gifted young girl and a man sprung from prison who has been tasked with protecting her from the evil elements that hunt her power...

Views: 6,029 • Followers: 16Reviews: 2
Season:1 Episode:10 (6 years ago)

Judge Judy (1996)

Judge Judy Sheindlin, a former judge from New York, tackles real-life small claims cases with her no nonsense attitude in which damages of no more than $5,000 c...

Views: 772,747 • Followers: 63Reviews: 13
Season:23 Episode:252 (2 years ago)

Falling Water (2016)

The story of three unrelated people, who slowly realize that they are dreaming separate parts of a single common dream. Each of them is on a mysterious and high...

Views: 12,878 • Followers: 31Reviews: 1
Season:2 Episode:10 (5 years ago)

Extinct (2017)


Four hundred years after the extinction of the human race, a small group of humans is revived by an alien civilization.

Views: 12,218 • Followers: 35Reviews: 4
Season:1 Episode:10 (6 years ago)


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