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"Comedies" playlist

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6 months ago

Created by: MissLionEyes

Movies: 10, TV Shows: 3 [scroll to tv]

Playlist description:  Funny Movies

Movies (10)

Promising Young Woman (2020)

A young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who cross her path.

Views: 4,302 • Reviews: 10

Palm Springs (2020)

When carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, things get complicated as they are unable to escape the...

Views: 2,715 • Reviews: 19

The Babysitter (2017)


The events of one evening take an unexpected turn for the worst for a young boy trying to spy on his babysitter.

Views: 10,280 • Reviews: 26

Freaky (2020)

After swapping bodies with a deranged serial killer, a young girl in high school discovers she has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent.

Views: 6,792 • Reviews: 17

Boss Level (2020)

A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never ending time loop on the day of his death.

Views: 5,607 • Reviews: 55

An American Pickle (2020)


An immigrant worker at a pickle factory is accidentally preserved for 100 years and wakes up in modern day Brooklyn.

Views: 2,130 • Reviews: 19

Dead (2020)


Marbles, a hapless stoner, can see ghosts. Tagg, a recently dead wannabe super-cop, needs to find a serial killer. Can a critical ghost cop and a directionless ...

Views: 2,210 • Reviews: 5

The Witches (2020)

Based on Roald Dahl's 1983 classic book 'The Witches', the story tells the scary, funny and imaginative tale of a seven year old boy who has a run in with some ...

Views: 4,561 • Reviews: 26

Irresistible (2020)

A Democratic strategist helps a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.

Views: 4,290 • Reviews: 9

Love and Monsters (2020)

In a monster-infested world, Joel (Dylan O'Brien) learns his girlfriend is just 80 miles away. To make the dangerous journey, Joel discovers his inner hero to b...

Views: 6,203 • Reviews: 42

Tv Shows (3)

Making It (2018)

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman host a crafting series where incredibly talented people come together for a friendly competition.

Views: 7,142 • Followers: 24Reviews: 0
Season:2 Episode:7 (1 year ago)

On Becoming a God in Central Florida (2019)


In 1992 Central Florida, a minimum-wage water park employee lies, schemes and cons her way up the ranks of the cultish, multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme that ...

Views: 13,682 • Followers: 44Reviews: 1
Season:1 Episode:10 (1 year ago)

What We Do in the Shadows (2019)


A look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of four vampires who've lived together for over 100 years, in Staten Island.

Views: 63,401 • Followers: 123Reviews: 30
Season:2 Episode:10 (11 months ago)

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