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"Movies for Halloween" playlist

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2 years ago

Created by: ErisMorn

Movies: 46

Playlist description:  Movies to watch for Halloween. Adults scary, kids family movies

Movies (46)


It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

The Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween, with Linus hoping that, finally, he will be visited by The Great Pumpkin; while Charlie Brown is invited to a Halloween ...

Views: 12,235 • Reviews: 6

Bhoothnath 2 (2014)

Bhoothnath Returns takes Bhoothnath's story forward. As he returns to 'Bhoot World' he is greeted with taunts and condemnation from other ghosts for bringing di...

Views: 2,772 • Reviews: 0

Bhoothnath (2008)

Banku and his family move in to their new house--the Nath villa, unaware of the fact that the house is inhabited by a ghost. It is learnt the ghost is not too ...

Views: 9,212 • Reviews: 1

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1993)

The soul of the deformed boy that was killed in the original film is re-awakened in the form of a grotesque monster that seeks revenge against those who origin...

Views: 6,587 • Reviews: 0

Pumpkinhead (1989)

When a backwoods town is invaded by inner-city bikers, little Billy Harley gets ran over and left for dead. His enraged father Ed Harley takes vengeance into h...

Views: 8,715 • Reviews: 8

The Grudge 3 (2009)

A young Japanese woman who holds the key to stopping the evil spirit of Kayako, travels to the haunted Chicago apartment from the sequel, to stop the curse of K...

Views: 7,465 • Reviews: 17

The Grudge 2 (2006)

In Pasadena, Mrs. Davis sends her daughter Aubrey Davis to Tokyo to bring her sister Karen Davis, who is interned in a hospital after surviving a fire, back to ...

Views: 18,995 • Reviews: 7

The Grudge (2004)

The normal fa?ade of a modest house in Tokyo belies the hidden terror within. It is possessed by a violent plague that destroys the lives of everyone who enter...

Views: 12,946 • Reviews: 9

The Nun (2018)

A priest with a haunted past and a novice on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania and conf...

Views: 47,724 • Reviews: 60

Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, ...

Views: 29,970 • Reviews: 36

Annabelle (2014)


A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.

Views: 26,907 • Reviews: 15

The Conjuring 2 (2016)


Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

Views: 79,769 • Reviews: 31

The Conjuring (2013)

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse.

Views: 45,479 • Reviews: 22

Dead Silence (2007)

In a rainy afternoon, the young couple Lisa and Jamie Ashen anonymously receive a mysterious package with a weird dummy inside. Jamie leaves the apartment to b...

Views: 70,620 • Reviews: 27

Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)


A prequel set before the haunting of the Lambert family that reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead ...

Views: 15,134 • Reviews: 15

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.

Views: 18,055 • Reviews: 36

Insidious (2010)

A young boy has become a target for evil entities while he lays in a coma. His family must now fight for him, as he can't fight for himself, and rid him ...

Views: 45,626 • Reviews: 22

The Ring Two (2005)

Six months after encountering Samara and her killer video tape, Rachel Keller and her son Aiden leave the city to live in a small rural town where they think th...

Views: 17,034 • Reviews: 4

The Ring (2002)

A journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it.

Views: 2,439 • Reviews: 6

Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

A winged creature (Jonathan Breck) terrorizes basketball players, coaches and cheerleaders who have become stranded on a highway. ...

Views: 28,604 • Reviews: 26


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