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"Paranormal and documentary shows" playlist

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2 months ago

Created by: Devilbybirth1234

Movies: 2, TV Shows: 5 [scroll to tv]

Playlist description:  Paranormal and documentaries. Conspiracy theories and anything paranormal

Movies (2)

Ancient Aliens (2009)

Informed by Eric von Daniken's 1968 bestseller, Chariot of the Gods, this documentary series investigates the theory that aliens visited Earth several thousan...

Views: 4,136 • Reviews: 25

Ancient Aliens Debunked (2012)

Ancient Aliens Debunked is a 3 hour refutation of the theories proposed on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens. It is essentially a point by point critiqu...

Views: 68 • Reviews: 0

Tv Shows (5)

Ghost Nation (2019)

High-stakes cases and a robust, multi-stage investigation that begins with a shocking paranormal story and a tantalizing piece of evidence.

Views: 7,968 • Followers: 41Reviews: 4
Season:2 Episode:13 (2 weeks ago)

Paranormal Caught on Camera (2019)

A panel of experts analyze footage from some of the world's most eye-opening and terrifying paranormal videos. From poltergeist activity to lights in the sky, t...

Views: 20,069 • Followers: 57Reviews: 8
Season:3 Episode:19 (2 weeks ago)

Ancient Aliens (2009)

Ancient Aliens The Series: Ancient Aliens: What if life on Earth began in outer space? Millions of people accept the theory that intelligent life forms visited ...

Views: 176,732 • Followers: 115Reviews: 25
Season:16 Episode:5 (1 month ago)

The Holzer Files (2019)


Investigating terrifying true hauntings from the case files of America's first ghost hunter, Dr. Hans Holzer.

Views: 5,158 • Followers: 31Reviews: 5
Season:2 Episode:7 (1 month ago)

Ghost Adventures (2008)

Ghost Adventures: They're not afraid of no ghosts!

Views: 357,418 • Followers: 143Reviews: 21
Season:22 Episode:101 (2 weeks ago)

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