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Carnivore + extended Dryfasing = win (52 views, 1 replies)

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sprinkle in some cold therapy (cold baths / showers) + sunbathing and you are set to thrive.

#meatrx.com pick up on the carnivore / keto podcasts and communities to get up to speed. but of course nothing beats personal experiments )
no one goes back from eating carnivore .. unless its a matter of 1-10% plant food.
god speed


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interesting .. myself Im on a setp of 50% raw vegetables, 25% meats/fish/eggs and 25% carbs (oats) .. Im getting good muscle growth and have added 10 kg in a year. Whats the idea of going 100% carnivore? dr Sinclair (an aussie molecular biologist who does age increasing experiments) seems to rekon go for 0% meats entirely, at least he can triple the age of a rat with his tactics, circumstantial I know, but very promising I think

I do do some cold exposure stuff .. I dont worry about sunlight (australia) except to try to stay out of it as much as practical lol

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