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Working Girl

Aka: Secretaria ejecutiva
Die Waffen der Frauen
Working Girl
Genre: Comedy / Romance / Drama
Released: 1988
Run time: 113 min.
Views: 9,630
R (?)

A young secretary (Melanie Griffith in an Oscar-nominated performance) with dreams of moving up the corporate ladder thinks that her brains will help her achieve her goals. And when she finds a job with a seemingly helpful and sympathetic boss who's also a woman (played by Sigourney Weaver) it looks as if she's on her way. But it turns out the executive is slimy and duplicitous, stealing the secretary's clever ideas to further her own career. Now the furious secretary's determined to get revenge and her plan may not only propel her to the top of the heap but get her a husband too (Harrison F... Read more 

Director: Mike Nichols
Starring: Harrison FordElizabeth WhitcraftJeffrey NordlingAmy AquinoOlympia DukakisRobert EastonKevin SpaceyJames LallyOliver PlattNora DunnPhilip BoscoJoan CusackAlec BaldwinMelanie GriffithSigourney Weaver
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Hey, one of my favourite Melanie Griffith roles and possibly the first movie I ever saw her in. This story is a lot of fun as Griffith plays a secretary in 'mergers and aquisitions' working for 'ice-queen' Sigourney Weaver, who, when she realises her boss has tried to steal her idea for a big merger deal, takes the initiative and makes the deal progress on her own account. With (SUCH a young-looking) Harrison Ford on her team how could she fail! Also a young looking Alec Baldwin and the wonderful Joan Cusack co-star. I find it hard to imagine that there's anyone out there who hasn't already seen this film, but if there is, hey you're in for a treat! Also, if you missed the '80's for any reason, just dig the BIG hair, shoulder-pads, jewellery and such! Yea it was fun, but the worst decade I can remember for music!! Still, there were some good movies.. this would be one of them!


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A nice film to watch on the cuff. It has everything that a film watcher would want. A little bit of everything packed into one film. Although the romance storyline was a bit fast for me, it was nice to see (extremely hunky) Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith on screen together.


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