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Where's Rose (2021) user reviews

Where's Rose movie

User Reviews (3)

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senior master
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i liked this movie but i wont call it horror more drama thriller you keep left in the dark untill the end then you will see what really happend,the ending will be shocking for a while untill everything falls into place i gave this movie a 7/10 i was hoping through the whole movie when will the horror start but it never came like i hoped it endings are mostly much digging and different then you thinki hope you will enjoy this drama thriller its not bad just keep sitting through the end..


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Pretty good movie. 6/10


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I really enjoyed this movie. Well put together and well acted and intriguing story with a climatic surprise ending. I really liked this even though it was slow and steady and kept you guessing..What the heck it was. Well worth the watch for me.



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