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Watch Waiting for the Barbarians Online for Free

Waiting for the Barbarians

Genre: Drama
Released: 2019
Run time: 112 min.
Views: 708
16 (?)
Italy; USA;

A Magistrate working in a distant outpost begins to question his loyalty to the empire.

Director: Ciro Guerra
Starring: Mark RylanceGursed DalkhsurenBill MilnerHarry MellingSam ReidDavid DencikGreta ScacchiGana BayarsaikhanRobert PattinsonJohnny Depp
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I thought that this was a very good film. Mark Rylance played the perfect mild mannered Magistrate. His role was pivotal in the film because he portrayed what a civil society should be. Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson play the roles of all that was evil in a society. The torture was incredible, and hard to watch. At least it was for me. The manufacture of a potential border upheaval fabricated through the torture of innocent people says volumes about the era and war itself. I highly recommend taking a peek at this film. Excellent performances by all.


top expert
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Brilliant acting. Excellent script. Show don't tell done right. If you're looking for battle scenes, you will be disappointed but if you are looking for a movie that tells a story, is well written and engaging, then give this a try. In a time where Marvel schlock, shallow popcorn kino and movies made just to virtue signal reign supreme, this is a very welcome change.


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Pretty good movie. Above average. Great cast of actors, especially Greta Scacchi. Good story-line which keeps you hooked. Can't fault it really. Not outstandingly brilliant but certainly worth checking out. Most will enjoy it.


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Good cast, good scenery, good picture, ambitions of passing a message to the audience, big disappointment as a final product. I should watch something else. 5/10


senior master
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'Waiting for the Barbarians' is an unpleasant film, two hours of abuse, torture and misery with no real point.
The acting is good; Mark Rylance plays a mild-mannered official in a remote outpost who would like a quiet life, Gana Bayarsaikhan is very good a female victim of an oppressive regime and Johnny Depp is in a very different role to those we usually see, as a Gestapo-type officer.
The story takes place at the edge of 'the Empire' and I was confused about what this was meant to be. The scenery looks like North Africa and the army are wearing uniforms similar to the French foreign legion, but the barbarians could be Afghans and the security service might be Gestapo. It seems to be a fictional mix of many different cultures, perhaps trying to make a point about colonialism.
The plot rambled on with one degrading act after another, then in the end ... well, what happened? It just ended with no real conclusion.


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WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS - Johnny Depp – Robert Pattinson

Aug 2020
Waiting for the Barbarians is set in a European desert outpost near Mongolia circa 1900.
Johnny Depp plays a sadistic Colonel with an agenda – to hunt down ‘barbarians’ he perceives as a threat and his side-kick torturer is played by Robert Pattinson.

Upon entering the outpost he meets the magistrate very well played by Mark Rylance who spends most of his time at the outpost doing archeological digs. He’s confused when he speaks with the Colonel, as he perceives no Barbarian threat? No Matter – the Colonel moves forward with his mission.

One night a Mongolian gal appears in the outpost as a begger. She’s blind and can barely walk. The Magistrate takes her in and finds out she’s been brutally tortured by the Colonel. (the ‘girl’ is played by Gana Bayarsaikhan and she delivers a masterful performance. (she also starred in Ex Machina)

The movie is a slow burn, has some great cinematography, and is more of a character study on war. ...
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