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Toys of Terror

Genre: Horror
Released: 2020
Run time: 89 min.
Views: 354
R (?)

Just before Christmas, young Zoe, her brother Franklin and their family move into a secluded mansion with a dark past. While the adults focus on renovating the place, the bored kids find a toy chest hidden in the attic, and are delighted when the toys inside magically come to life. But bizarre events soon begin to take place - events that threaten the family's lives. As the special day dawns with gifts piled under the tree, the body count rises and the blood starts to flow. This original "scary-tale" will have the kids screaming for the holidays!

Director: Nicholas Verso
Starring: Georgia WatersMax NelsonMuriel HogueLauren MarshallErnie PittsSaul EliasVerity MarksZoe FishKyana TeresaDayo Ade
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Eh..., not the best but far from the worst. Just don't expect anything more than a low budget puppet master type movie and you just may enjoy. The acting was mediocre at best and you could tell their lines were waiting on cues but it was okay i guess if you don't have high standards going in.


senior guru
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What was that? A Halloween release of the oldfashioned kind? Old old story ..Old house in the woods, family comes, things (toys) go spooky. Bäääh. The weirdest thing is the animation: While today even B and C movies have at least a sufficient CGI this seemingly on purpose goes back to stop motion technique of the 50s. It is probably supposed to be kind of a tribute to the old times ...but it looks horrible. The storyline doesnt even deserve the name: Family arrives-some weird things happen-even weirder things happen- bloody things happen-final fight-OVER. The Toys look ridiculous, only the child actors save some of the movie.
4/10 bad!


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