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The Voyeurs (2021) user reviews

The Voyeurs movie

User Reviews (3)

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It was quite a fun ride.
Plot is a bit nonsensical towards the end.
But it feels like old school movie plot line.
Just take it as it is.
A sexy thriller.
Eventhough that guy from Pokemon is a bit of a miscast


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Sydney Sweeney plays the same stupid hypocrite character from HBO's Euphoria. She judges her bf for spying on the neighbors and encourages him to stop. He does. [SPOILER] Very predictable [SPOILER]..

Moral to not invade peoples privacy shown through the lens of a poorly written lead.


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I didn't even realize that was Sydney Sweeny on cover until someone sent me a message about this film. I did like it and it has some crazy twists to it. I did not like her boyfriend at all. [SPOILER]
Really good ending, very satisfying!




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