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The Mad Hatter (2021) user reviews

The Mad Hatter movie

User Reviews (1)

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I can't believe this movie had been uploaded a little over a week ago yet no one had watched or commented on it so far. I was excited when i first heard of this film and saw the trailers and couldn't wait to watch it. It surely didn't disappoint. I don't know if they built a set for this film or if this was filmed on location, but wow, that house though. it looked awesome and definitely elevated the creepy factor. The special effects, costume and makeup department helped with that too. They did an awesome job making it look great. To me this wasn't one of those super scary stories but it was just as entertaining. I felt some stuff could have been explained better, but over all i liked it and thought it was a fun watch. I feel like it's one of those that wont be for everyone though.



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