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The Clearing

Genre: Horror
Released: 2020
Run time: 90 min.
Views: 1,855
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A father must battle his way through the zombie apocalypse to save his daughter.

Director: David Matalon
Starring: Liam McIntyreJulius Yates BrownSilky BellMackenzie AugustinShayanne AndujarErica AllseitzNaosheen AhmedSydelle NoelSteven SwadlingAundrea Smith
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The Clearing - user reviews (9)

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Zombie says "what". Not an outrageous budget but awesome! Instant post-mandible-chomping to chests bursting explosively, make you jump like Sigourney Weaver in Alien, and then the attention to details, like those worms dancing around in the flesh, just like the series "The Strain".

In between the flash forwards and backwards (also well incorporated with fear inspiring transitions) we get to watch the relationship grow between step-father and his daughter who is wanting to become a Girl Scout. Hence, the whole reason for going camping in, "The Clearing".

Not bad at t'all, for an afternoon in July 2020

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@BarbaraWhite You haven’t watched it yet then ? lol

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@shabbapaul Finished it sometime this morning. Did you enjoy it?

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@BarbaraWhite Not yet Barbara, I was teasing about the afternoon in July 2020 comment smiley

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@shabbapaul I think i got food poisoning. Today I'm so dizzy, you could swap my pets out for pillows and i wouldn't even notice. But i can't stop now. I have 2 paintings to finish and a number of landscape drawings for a quick animation of Twinkle Little Star for an Early Education video. Like grade 2.

Any suggestings? I think i got throw in an animated bust of Wolfgang Mozart. Right? He wrote the melody. Not the lyrics.


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I thought it was a better than average Zombie movie. Most are so lacking in story. This was well acted and at first I wondered if there would be more character development. There is. It is slowly released through flashbacks.

I think it's worth a watch.


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good for 1 time watch, it's intense at first but failed to sustain it.



Not the greatest acting, but its watchable. It's mainly the dad and when he is in a solo shot or close-ups of just him. The little girl does surprisingly well. I'm always amazed by child actors and their ability to perform so well and sometimes outshine a seasoned adult actor. This is movie wasn't so bad for a lower budget B movie. The zombies were cool and had different qualities than the typical zombies you see and their makeup looked legit. They didn't go overboard with the cgi either. I really liked the story, but i wasn't exactly fond of the hopping back and forth and bouncing all around like they did. I don't mind 2-3 times, but any more than that and i begin to lose interest. Fortunately it tapered off the further into the movie you get.
I found there to be several plot holes that leave you wondering what the hell the point of having that in the movie even was. unless it's just remnants of bad editing. Overall this was fairly decent movie for a one time watch.


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I guess I'm the oddball here, I thought this was awful! If the zombie makeup isn't done well than I don't watch them. Of course zombies aren't my favorite horror sub-genre anyways. For me to love a zombie film it has to be done well. I also didn't care for the lead actor. Not to mention in the first zombie scene there is no way he didn't get bitten. Just my opinion though!



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