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Something More

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Released: 1999
Run time: 90 min.
Views: 6
6.2/10 from 0 users.
R (?)

"Something More" is more than just a comedy. It's a study of relationships, real life and raw humor of Sam and his friends - a group of guys who play basketball, play poker, and play the field. When Sam and his buddy fall for the same woman, the teammates become competitors, putting their friendship on the line. Because in life, and in love, they play to win.

Director: Rob W. King
Starring: Michael A. GoorjianWendy AndersonDan MacDonaldJennifer BealsNathaniel DeVeauxKurt Max RuntePeter FlemmingTom CavanaghDavid LovgrenChandra West
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