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Genre: Crime / Horror / Thriller
Released: 2015
Run time: 80 min.
Views: 1,760
Not Rated (?)

When a small town near the Arizona-Mexico border is wiped out overnight, suspicion falls on the lone survivor. But a roll of photos the survivor took that night tells a different story.

Director: Phil Guidry
Starring: Monica DavisEdward L. GreenPatrick PedrazaVaLynn RainDavid SaucedoGeorge Lionel SavageJason StewartLen Wein
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This was a great horror movie! I haven't seen any of the actors before but don't let that stop you from watching this one. It is done really well. It is set like you are watching a real documentary of a small town mass murder with one survivor. Give this one a watch if you love creepy horror movies smiley


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This is a very interesting movie. I enjoyed the story despite them never fully explaining everything. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5.


top expert
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OK Friends, Romans, Country bumpkins, lend me your ear(That is pretty much the entirety of my Willy Shakespeare rememberings btw.) I just gave this a re-watch on account of I did not value Teeny's film opinion the first time I viewed this movie.

Honestly, even given the fact that Teeny had yet to prove herself worthy of my movie review reading time, which let me tell you, is exclusive, limited, and unbelievably valuable(jfk).

The truth is, the first time I watched this flick, my wife had just turned 12 or 13 and I could not pay attention to anything other than her and her never ending slate of neediness and constant attentiveness. She was the very definition of a Needy B!TCH. Of course she was an elderly, 4.5lb Yorkshire Terrier and I would give my right p3nis to have her back in all her small and wonderful neediness! Soooooooo
all of that pointless attempt at proving I am indeed a juggernaut of wordsmithing out of the way....

THIS MOVIE RIGHTCHERE!!!! Rare is the quality of ANY film, let alone an indy with unknown actors, and the budget of a rich middle school aged kid's weekly allowance, good enough to get me to come out of Movie Review Retirement. Yes that is a thing, it is just that I have never been paid for a movie review, so does it really count as retirement? You ponder on that for a moment while I rest my carpal tunnel.
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@CHACHiPAGLiACCi You’ve sure sold me on watching this tonight! 😊
I’ll be back in awhile with what I thought.

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@CHACHiPAGLiACCi Watched it, and oh man am I so glad I did! What a great movie. Now that’s how you do a faux documentary style found footage film! I sure hope to see more to come from everyone involved with this film.
Thanks so much for drawing my interest with your fun review! 😊

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@Juliannajane I am happy that someone actually read what I wrote!!! smiley smiley

I'll text my kid and at the end of the text, I'll say something like, Oh yeah I also just sold everything of value in your room. Or my favorite, Please get some Antihistamines on your way to my house because I'm having trouble breathing. smiley

Luckily, I do not have to depend on her to stay alive! She says that my texts are so long that she sort of skims them! I, of course cannot for the life of me figure out why she would think that. After all, thats why they got rid of the 140character limit on texts. Am I right or am I right?

So where were we? smiley Oh yeah, my onlyiest kid's harsh and very much unfair criticism of the length of my messages!

It's preposterous! An outrage! To think that I have dedicated my life to ensure she succeeds in every endeavor, even at the expense of my own comfort and well being. smiley
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@CHACHiPAGLiACCi cool.gonna check it out**


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I watched this one again last night and I can't believe how much I just LOVE THIS MOVIE! If there was a checklist, formula or layout for a found footage horror film this movie should be it. This was done the right way where afterwards your wanting to Google to see if it was really a true story even though it real deals with zombies. I love the photographs in this film as well. They are so creepy and mysterious. Because they are out focus looking just adds to the scariness. If you like mockumentary found footage style DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE!

100% Teeny approved ? ?


senior guru
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This movie creeped me out!Was it really based on true events??Those photos held a darker secret.There is no way one man can wipe out that many people in one nite.Plus they didn't even want to examine the photos.Watch this one and don't blink**


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is was alrigth


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