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Rent-A-Pal (2020) user reviews

Rent-A-Pal movie

User Reviews (3)

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senior guru
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7.25 out of 10.
Horror-drama, set in the latter days of the Reagan era, about a middle-aged lonely bachelor who enters into an unconventional friendship is a surprisingly well-thought character study. Folkins gives a fully-shaped performance as David, a 40-year-old man who is the primary caregiver to his mother (Brady) stricken with dementia. An unemployed David, who relies on his mother’s pension for funds, utilizes a video dating service (it was big business in the ‘80s) to find companionship, but is frustrated with the lack of matches. He purchases a video called Rent-a-Pal from the bargain bin and cultivates an odd connection with Andy, a virtual video buddy. Dismissive at first, David slowly deepens his obsession with Andy even when he meets his dating match Lisa (Rutledge). Wheaton gives a terrific performance as the virtual pal, who is both affable and creepy, despite being confined in a TV frame. The film has insightful points on loneliness, human connection, mental health, and resentment, but given it is labeled as a horror flick, it takes a predictable dark path which whittles down its overall impact. ...
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This was pretty decent! Definitely ok for a one-time watch. I couldn't believe what will Wheaton looks like now. I had seen his name in credits and when my husband asked is t the kid from stands by me I was shocked.



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This was certainly quite unique!A slower moving thriller.I liked it for it's oddities.The video"Pal"was great and a little strange at times.That was the cool part.I can't believe the choice he made!



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