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Aka: Preciosa
Genre: Drama
Released: 2009
Run time: 110 min.
Views: 20,326
R (?)

A riveting action-thriller, Push burrows deep into the deadly world of psychic espionage where artificially enhanced paranormal operatives have the ability to move objects with their minds, see the future, create new realities and kill without ever touching their victims. Against this setting, a young man and a teenage girl take on a clandestine agency in a race against time that will determine the future of civilization.

Director: Lee Daniels
Starring: Yvonne WoodsTristan Laurence PerezKola OgundiranMuggaBridget MoloneyRochelle McNaughtonElizabeth MarleyAlex ManetteDaniela LavenderToneda LaiwanJeff JoslinCatherine PierceLorna PruceVictor WoodleyDeWanda WiseErica WatsonEsley TateRose SiasEan SheehyNicole SellarsAbigail SavageSapphireKimberly RussellShortee RedTerria JosephChristopher JosephDebbie Lee JonesXosha RoquemoreChyna LayneAmina RobinsonStephanie AndujarNealla GordonSherri ShepherdLenny KravitzMariah CareyPaula PattonMo'NiqueGabourey 'Gabby' SidibeAngelic ZambranaNia FraserMelissa AliMaya HinnantGrace HightowerBarret HelmsKaren GiordanoAunt DotRyan CurtisAryn Elaine ColeAryn ColeCamillaMatthew BralowEphraim Benton
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I used to LOVE watching this movie. I've probably seen it over 20 times easy. That's probably underestimating. My boys used to like it too for the superpower aspect of it all, but I think I enjoyed it more. The entire cast was great. I think this was when I first became a real Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans fan. The special effects are awesome even for a 2009 movie and the story was creative and exciting. If you haven't had the chance to see this movie yet then you should really put it on your list to do so. You're missing out on a good action packed movie if you don't and if you have then you know what a great movie to this is and should check out again.


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Another one of those really fast action sci fi movies that keeps you right there until it's over. Has a nice refreshing story to it and is good movie worth the watch.


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This wasn't great but not bad. I thought it had good action sequences but the plot drug on and on and on. I really like Chris Evans and I hope he'll pick better roles. Also, I thought Dakota Fanning done good, probably the best actor on screen, it was also funny to see her [SPOILER]


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A very good action movie,really entertaining.I like the story.good to watch


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Meh... Its alright i guess.. Worth a watch~


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like this is lethul


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This movie was made in China due to cost cutting..ha ha ha. Good movie 4/5 stars. watch in DVD quality using link # 38.


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enjoyed it> 8-10 good watch!!


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Good film was slightly confused by a lack of an ending, so much you still want to know. The main guy was a rubbish mover he ran in with a gun more often then his power!!
Still my kind of sci fi film 8/10


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I was a little disappointed in Fanning's performance in this one. She picks it up near the end, but I was hard pressed to accept her character. I could have been in the writing, and I don't see anyone else doing better, but, meh. Everything else was great. Good action, interesting take on the whole psychic powers thing, but I'm sort of confused on whether normal people don't know about the people with powers, or what. Because with all the property damage, I'm not sure how well it could be kept a secret. But, that's not what matters, ultimately anyway. It's about kickin' ass and takin' names with psychic abilities, and this movie delivers that.


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