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Promising Young Woman

Genre: Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Released: 2020
Run time: 113 min.
Views: 3,062
R (?)

Cassie seeks revenge for a beloved best friend, but her intentions are somewhat distorted. Luring her prey by night, she returns to her daily job. She finally meets a sweet guy, but does he have something to hide? She is determined to get one last taste of revenge... will it be her last?

Written by: tyetoes
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Director: Emerald Fennell
Starring: Carey MulliganSam RichardsonAngela ZhouMolly ShannonChristopher Mintz-PlasseAlison BrieJennifer CoolidgeClancy BrownLaverne CoxBo Burnham
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Storylines (plots) from our users

(2 weeks ago)

Cassie seeks revenge for a beloved best friend, but her intentions are somewhat distorted. Luring her prey by night, she returns to her daily job. She finally meets a sweet guy, but does he have something to hide? She is determined to get one last taste of revenge... will it be her last?

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senior guru
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8.25 out of 10.
Decades before the #metoo era, the rape-revenge-seek for justice plot had been depicted onscreen in films such as Lipstick (1976), I Spit On Your Grave (1978), Lino Brocka’s Angela Markado/Angela, the Marked (Philippines, 1980), and even a few episodes of Law & Order:SVU with impactful results. What sets apart Fennell’s directorial debut about Cassie (Mulligan), a former medical student who goes after the men who sexually assaulted her friend and got away scot-free, is its highly inventive storytelling. The script keeps viewers on edge with its unexpected surprises, dark sense of humor, and an apologetic one-sided perception of guilt. The film is bathed in a candy-colored palette and infused with Britney Spears ditties that betray its somber subject matter. Mulligan delivers a dynamite performance as an emotionally broken woman who ensnares men at bars with her “drunken” vulnerability and confronts them as they are about to take advantage of her. She makes Cassie a multi-dimensional character and allows viewers in her inner struggles. ...
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senior guru
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I thought this was a perfect revenge movie. [SPOILER] But she got the last word in the end. I'm not used to seeing Jennifer Coolidge play a serious role I'm so used to seeing her in comedies. I thought that was a strange casting choice for the mom role. But Carey Mulligan was good as Cassandra. I'd def watch this again


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I found the trailer intriguing. This movie tries to illustrate the difference in attitudes regarding men and women who get too drunk. I liked the movie and performances. I'll be curious to see how or if reactions from women & men on the theme might differ.


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I liked it! It was sad and only got sadder as the movie moved along. You could really feel for Cassie. The tragic event has already happened so the movie picks up years later but in a strange way things kinda come full circle as Cassie is reintroduced to those involved after meeting someone and beginning a relationship with them. I liked this movie from scene one, and it held my attention right thru til the end. I think it was the mystery aspect that kept my attention the most. But that ending, I was not expecting that, not at all. I recommend taking a peek at this one, and I do not think that you will be disappointed.


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daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanm! solid ten out of ten for me. I never watch trailers for movies, and the way Carey Mulligan was plugging this on Graham Norton in which she BARELY explained what the film was about and was deliberately vague it had me thinking it was a going to be a very bloody horror film about a serial killer who is a woman going to off any guy who takes advantage of her as she pretends to be drunk and what not to "teach them a lesson" ok this film just watch it, I honestly can't give too much away, but just that its not a bloody horror film, but a suspenseful thriller that doesn't resort to over the top graphic violence in order to get its point around. I was a bit disappointed in the end but then in the end the film wrapped up beautifully. If you liked movies such as Match Point, Get Out and A Simple Favor then you will definitely like this as the storyline and how its delivered, and the efforts of thinking outside the box while thinking carefully how to make sure the story doesn't falter is extremely impressive. ...
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Not what I was expecting at all for a revenge film. Nearly two hours of I guess some aunt getting revenge for a niece? Hard to say exactly. But it was strange she spent years getting revenge in stupid ways, until fate dropped something in her lap to get ultimate revenge [SPOILER]..
I guess this was supposed to be about shedding light on College binge drinking and girls getting sexually assaulted, but it was done poorly.


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Is this a psych-thriller, fem-vengeance, dark comedy, or a twisted love story? Whatever the category it is one of the best movies I have seen for ages. And Carey Mulligan's amazing acting talent makes a complicated plot into an edge-of-the seat movie experience. Very high score on Rotten Tomatoes shows plenty of people agree.
Bo Burnham, better known as a comedian, is well cast as a male stereotype and delivers some wonderful one-liners with a straight face. The other males are straight out of Men Behaving Badly and that's what the movie is all about.
This script had to be written and produced by women but its not a chick-flick. Emerald Fennell has been acting and writing for some time but this is her first big one as director, with Margot Robbie as producer. We see a very fresh approach to how these stories are presented and comments on all sorts of aspects of life [SPOILER]..
It is worth getting an HD version and playing it through a good hi-fi, the sound-track is worth listening to in its own right and as backing for the screenplay..wow.
This movie and its cast are nominated for a sting of awards (see Wikipedia for a list)but it gets the Buttless awards in 3 categories; Soundtrack (what an awesome mix of music and background), Absolutely Gross Scene [SPOILER] ...
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